Waimea Canyon State Park

On the southwest of Kauai, visit the geological wonder the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” in Hawaii. Waimea Canyon State Park is the crowning jewel of the Kauai. This park is a natural wonder which offers all the beauty and majesty to the visitors. The Canyon has a unique and interesting story of the formation process by erosion and collapse of volcano playing a vital role in creating Kauai. Waimea Canyon State Park is popular for its many hiking trails, picnic spots, scenic vistas & other recreational, and educational opportunities. The park is the perfect place for the best lookouts and its breathtaking piece of nature. Take a look at the Na Pali Coast from lookouts and drive at steep and quiet winding roads for adventure. Explore the smoky mountain peaks and red soil landscape with a scenic drive.


Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is a ten-mile long and over 3000 feet deep valley surrounded by clouds and blue sky. It provides panoramic views of the crested buttes, rugged crags, and colorful deep valley gorges. There are several hiking trails, wildland picnicking, and amazing view-point of the Island. It is the home of the Canyon’s red soil and extreme rainfall mount on Earth and cliff walls on the east side of the Canyon.

Waimea Canyon Lookouts

The lookouts of the park is the main popular viewing area among tourists. The canyon provides plenty of lookouts along with beautiful scenery throughout the hiking and view of the landscape. Enjoy watching the river way through the rocks into the sea from lookouts.

Waimea Canyon Trails

Take a short hike trail that provides a magnificent view and a relaxing stroll across the Canyon. Cliff trails are easily accessible and family-friendly to walk through. There are plenty of feral goats and birds to watch. Enjoy Canyon Trail with a gorgeous waterfall that is perfect for a picnic spot. It offers lookouts, forest, Waimea River and relax in the beauty of this place at the end of the way.



  1. Waimea Canyon is a nickname as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.
  2. Waimea Canyon State Park encompasses 1866 acres with an elevation of 1007m.



The park is one of the best gifts of mother nature which is still charmed by the enchanting cliff, lively aura, nature forest birds, and trees. Explore numerous natural hiking trails and lookouts at higher elevations. The park offer hiking (easy to difficult), a camping site, scenic vistas, fly in a helicopter tour, a valley, volcanic crags, and a beautiful waterfall to enjoy. Experience of the park is majestic with a pallet of red soil, lush greens, and ever-alluring peaks to view it out on foot.


What to Expect

The Park used all beautiful languages with Waimea Canyon. It covers tropical cliffs, mesmerizing waterfalls, striking rainbows, trails, and wild foliage to enjoy. You can get great photos of spectacular views from the Park’s lookouts. You have a chance to fly in a helicopter, greet advanced hikers. Enjoy watching the valley, waterfalls, birds and explore the geological history of the park.


Plan Your Visit

Waimea Canyon State Park is open daily in daylight. Experience unique geologic marvel and rich natural heritage at truly shiny Waimea Canyon. Book your adventure at glorious gulch and lookouts today. You have to pay the entrance fee of $5.00 per person except for the children; they are allowed free entry. For vehicle, parking charges are also implemented.

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