Little River Canyon National Preserve

If you go to your phone setting and check out “digital well-being” it is a feature that records the number of hours we spent on our phone. You will be hit hard, you will reckon that most of your time is consumed in front of the screen. Do you need a break? Want to know the best place to disconnect from the daily routine? Here it is! Go to the mountains and give yourself time. That is where you will truly know the real meaning of disconnecting from the world. Little River Canyon National Preserve is one such place meant for this purpose, to enjoy and self-muse. It is located at Little River Trail #100, Fort Payne, Alabama.

Attraction – 

  1. The River – The flow of water is exactly like the flow of life, always moving forward. As you walk by the Little River you will feel the joy of life. The entire length of Little River moves along the middle of Lookout Mountain in Alabama. It is a surreal experience to be with your loved ones. Click as many pictures as you wish, to boost your social media. This place falls never short of options to provide you with stunning scenery.


  1. The Canyon – If the river depicts the movement of life, mountains can be the source of peace, calmness, and stability. The longer you are at the Little River Canyon National Preserve the more fascinating incidents and lessons will pop up in your mind. That is the beauty of this place. The canyon is located on the top of the Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne.


  1. Adventure – Beautiful waterfalls, breathtaking overlooks, and peaceful picnic areas – Little River Canyon has a lot for you. Go here with people you have fun and amplify your memories. Explore the hidden gem spots of this place with an auto loop drive and boardwalks to view the waterfall. Hikers at the Little River Canyon National Preserve may follow a rough eroded path, but it will the most thrilling activity. Dip into swimming holes, if one place is full; move to the next. There is a lot to traverse, take a break this Sunday and drive here.



  1. The Little River is amongst the cleanest and the wildest waterway.
  2. Created by an act of Congress in 1992, this place protects the nation’s longest mountaintop river, the Little River.


Activities: Little River Canyon National Preserve offers a wide variety of activities. One can come here for fishing, hiking, enjoy bird watching, take a ride in the Wildlife Management Area, mountain cycling, and visit for a picnic with the family. Interested one can do rock climbing but come with all your equipment.


Plan your visit: This place is open all year round for the guests. Since there is no admission fee; you only have to buy the passes for the “Canyon Mouth Park”.


What to Expect: You will not be allowed for camping in this region so try to make a plan accordingly. Since this place does not hold many facilities for the visitors but will develop within coming years. Still, many guests arrive here to look at the stunning views with enormous joy during their vacation.


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