Jackson Town Square

Jackson Town Square is the business and cultural heart of the city of Jackson. Town Square is an area with natural beauty surrounded by trees and plants. The Fun Park and stores here fulfill the hearts of tourists with joy. The park includes activities ranging from mountain biking to white water rafting, hunting, outdoor skills, and ecological awareness and education. Located in the center of West Wyoming, Jackson Town Square is commonly known as George Washington Memorial Park Jackson. The four antlers arches that frame the town square are adorned on all four corners, which makes this area even more special.



  1.    Grand fishing adventures: – A trip west to Jackson Town Square is an exciting journey. It is always ready to serve the purpose of the visiting guests. The wildlife-filled areas and breathtaking views of Town Square fill the visitor’s mind with delight. Fishing in the best water here is a different experience. Jackson Square’s Grand fishing adventures are great at fishing. Tourists who come here enjoy every moment.
  2.    Jackson Hole Anglers of Jackson Town Square: – At Jackson Square’s Hole Anglers you can enjoy breathtaking views and world-class fishing at the same time. It provides great customer service to the visitors and makes the trip perfect. One of the special attractions of Jackson Town Square is the Jackson Hole Anglers. The tourists who come here are always guided by the fisherman and instructors so that they do not have any problem in reaching. Between the Teton mountain ranges and the Gross Winterer in the U.S states of Wyoming, there is a valley known as Jackson Hole.
  3.    Jackson Hole fly fishing school: – The art and uniqueness of Jackson Town Square are unique. There is something for people of all ages who come here for visit. Various types of music, dance performances, shows, and arts are organized throughout the year. The fly fishing school teaches fundamental skills to people of all ages. It is also one of the fascinating things that offer an unforgettable experience to the guests.



  1. Jackson Town Square was established as a park in 1934 and the first antler arch was built in 1953.
  2. The park was named ‘George Washington Memorial Park’ to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington.

Activities: – Jackson Town Square showcases all the great things in its area. The kind and knowledgeable staff here make our journey a success by being our guide everywhere. Enjoy world-class sightseeing, wildlife watching, fly fishing, horseback riding and boating, hiking, rock climbing in the Town Square. There are many attractions here like Jackson Hole Children’s Museum, Center for the art, Wild by nature gallery, Granite hot springs, which never let the tourists get bored. Surrounded by green trees, rivers, valleys, and mountains, this region provides picturesque views to the tourists coming here.


What to expect: The best in Western hospitality, Jackson Town Square offers you exclusive access to exciting family fun, shopping, museum, fine restaurants, and nightlife. A visit to Jackson Square during the summer season reflects the breathtaking view of the region. A world-famous music festival, white water rafting, and championship golf is a special center of entertainment for tourists.


Plan to visit: Traveling to Jackson Town Square in Jackson is really exciting. The journey here may take a long time but it gives you a lot of entertainment options. The Square Town is always ready with its 135 rooms featuring amenities such as in-room mini-fridge and microwave onsite restaurant and lobby cafe. Make your holiday with your friends, families, and kids memorable and exciting. From Monday to Saturday till 6:00 pm, this park remains present in the service of its guests throughout the year.


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