West-Idaho-Ketchum-Bald Mountain

In south central Idaho, visit one of the higher summits of Sun Valley of Idaho, Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is part of smoky mountains of the Ketchum city. Bald Mountain is geologic marvel that is surrounded by remarkable mountain range, lush greenery and wonderful valley. Bald Mountain has 5750 feet of base elevation and a constant gradient of dazzling mountain. Bald Mountain features chairlifts, skiable area and trails to explore. Take the gondola up the peaks to capture the scenery and for delicious food options, cocktails in great restaurants. Enjoy exercising on the top of the majestic mountain and then riding the lift down to save energy. There are carpeted lodges, bars, small shops at the base and steep cliff to explore. Bald Mountain Overlooks is the most spectacular way to see charm of the nature, providing breathtaking views of town, forest and blue sky. Bald Mountain is easy to reach and go crazy with soft snowfalls.


Mountain Skiable Area

The Mountain has a large skiable area of 2054 acres for adventure. Skiable terrain offers easy and challenging runs, plenty of winter sports opportunities for ice skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and world-class mountain skiing for skiers. In winter, there is lots of powdery snow to play, snowboarding in this winter wonderland.

Bald Mountain Trails

Bald Mountain provides several easy and exciting trails for hiking, uphill and downhill hiking, rock climbing, walking and mountain biking. Trails offer many overlooks, evergreen small gravel paths, lots of wildflower, vertical hillside and a number of skiable runs along the way. Enjoy thrilling slopes rides, grassy meadows, significant sunset views and fresh air at top of the peak.

Bald Mountain Lifts

Bald Mountain is home of 14 ski lifts including gondola, high-speed quads, surface and many other doubles and triples. Mountain’s lifts offer incredible beauty of area and brilliant top views of mountain. Lifts provides a quiet ride with enough beautiful scenery of mountain covered by wildflowers.



  1. The top elevation of Bald Mountain is 9180 feet.
  2. It has 2054 acres of skiable area besides 220 inches annual snowfall.



Bald Mountain is unique choice for family picnic and day out. It is fully loaded with adventure options of hiking, mountain biking, gliding, backpacking, magical lifting, skiing, climbing, walking, wildlife watching, nice grooming, admiring weather and great lodges for visitors. Explore incredible array of hundreds of miles trails, skiable area with snowboarding and snowshoeing for fun. Bald Mountain is paradise of skiers with great vertical, fabulous long runs on the curve to experience.

What to Expect

Bald Mountain is said to be the diamond in the rough. The mountain offers lifts, skiable terrain and popular trails for hikers, bikers, skateboarders with satisfying paths to the top of mountain. You can enjoy runs, winter sports as skiing, snowboarding and lift up to the top of high peak for fresh air, gorgeous sunset and downhill views. You can explore exciting powdery snowfall, ski racing and walking on trails.

Plan your Visit

You can come here all year round. Bald Mountain is an honor of Sun Valley which has stuffed flora and fauna. Explore surrounding peaks, valley views and new fun in this winter heaven! Bring your camera for best photography of natural beauty! Make cute snow balls for playing with kids!

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