Mt. Hood Skibowl

Planning to have fun at a ski resort in Oregon? Just a few minutes from Government Camp, come to visit the largest night-ski area of United States, Mount Hood Skibowl, in Oregon. The ski bowl is a historic landscape covering 760 acres of area, including mountain range, skiable area, stunning trails, frequent chairlifts to the uppermost slopes, snowfields, glacier views, and Mount Hood Adventure Park near the village area. Mount Hood Skibowl is a popular recreation area owned by Kirk Hanna, who added 300acres in ski bowl resort, offering America’s largest night ski area for visitors. Mt. Hood is the impressive highest mountain of Oregon which features more than 500,000 years old rocks and only year-round lift-served skiing in North America. The resort has over 5000 feet of elevation at the summit. Experience the Alpine slide track of a number of turns through the mountain meadows to the base area of the ski bowl.



Skibowl Skiable Terrain

Spread across 160 acres of landmark, the skiable area of Mount Hood Skibowl includes 65 easy and challenging runs, the largest night skiing area, chairlift-served skiing. It offers an area for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, tubing, and snowboarding for professionals and beginners. Skiable Terrain provides the 360-degree natural beauty of snow-capped mountains from every angle, snowy paths, and winter sports.

Mt. Hood Skibowl Trails

The ski bowl is home to numerous trails with many runs, natural views, plenty of wildflowers along the way, and majestic views of Mt. Hood to explore. Take a scenic walk on trails while listening to music in breathtaking surroundings. Trails offer outdoor and indoor event space, a wedding area, and on-site accommodation to celebrate. Trails lead to several lodges, restaurants, and skiable areas in the resort.

The Adventure Park

As the name suggests it is full of adventure, thrill, and fun. The park is fully packed with a long zip-line experience, high-speed alpine slide rides, and opportunities for bungee jumping, an ultimate outdoor fun. Enjoy the zip-lining from top to bottom of the area. Adventure Park is the popular summer destination for plenty of heart-pounding twists and turns of race cars, mountain biking, golfing, batting cages, and fun games for kids.



  1. Mount Hood Skibowl was purchased in 1987 by Kirk Hanna at more than 3500 feet of base elevation.
  2. The skiable terrain covers 960 acres of area with an annual average snowfall of 300 inches.

Activities: The ski bowl has an advanced terrain on Mount Hood’s slope, featuring extreme outdoor adventure to choose everything from climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping, snowboarding, and snowshoeing to enjoy. Take a drive on breathtaking trails along with natural scenery. Enjoy sightseeing. Chairlift rides, hunting, birdwatching, and relaxing walk among the base area of the summit. The Skibowl Resort is world-famous for its night ski area and Adventure Park with thrilling rides of the alpine slide, bungee jumping, wall climbing, miniature golf, and white water rafting for summer fun.


What to Expect: Skibowl Resort is perfect for an exciting ski vacation in Oregon, which features a huge night ski area, multiple runs, and Adventure Park for adventure seekers. You can enjoy zip-lining, golf, paddling, unique rides of slide, tubing, and snowboarding for both intermediate and experts to improve skills. Explore high peak views, birdwatching, hunting, laser light shows, and cascading of snow. You have a chance to riding lifts, dining and exploring the history of the region and its spectacular views of the cascading range.


Plan your visit: You can come here all year round to soak in the beauty of peaks. The ski bowl is a slice of heaven for riders, skiers, and snowboarders! Enjoy unlimited rides on slopes, plenty of kid activities, and little scary but exciting bungee jumping. Plan a unique, intimate, and gorgeous Mt. Hood wedding.


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