Utica Zoo

A portion of Roscoe Conkling Park is home to the Utica Zoo, a regional zoo in Utica, New York. The City Utica is spread over 80 acres out of which 40 acres are developed which altogether is Zoo property. Despite owning the land, the City of Utica does not currently provide financial support for the zoo. Instead, the Oneida County government, the New York State Natural Heritage Program, as well as fundraising efforts by the zoo and individuals, provide the majority of the funding. Currently, the zoo holds around 200 animals which represents 99 species.


Utica Zoo Watering Can

Utica Zoo Watering Can is the world’s largest one at Utica Zoo, Utica, New York and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. This Watering Can is made up of Galvanized steel, approximately weighing 907.1 kg. The Watering Can be installed and bought by truck to the Utica Zoo on 5th December in the year 2000 with measurements 15.5 ft high and 12 ft diameter. Thus, the Utica Zoo Watering Can is recorded as the world’s Largest Watering Can.

Wadas’ Wild Play Park

Edwin J. Wadas laid the foundation of a new playground at The Utica Zoo, Utica. New York. The name of the zoo was named after the foundation supporter. The money earned from the tickets of the zoo is used by the foundation in helping local kids by letting them participate in sports, athletic programs, and recreational activities held at Mohawk valley.


Utica Zoo Digital Sign

Utica Zoo revealed its digital sign officially located at the entry gate of the Zoo. The LED sign board and new sculpture at the Zoo are donated by Martha and Richard. Utica Zoo Digital Sign is just at the corner of the Memorial Parkway and Utica Zoo Way. The creation and design art of this Digital Sign was done by Joel Grimaldi of Metallogix.  



Utica Zoo remains open all around the year where 200 animals are spread over in 85 species and live there as they are at their home. The species at Utica Zoo, Utica, New York include zebras, monkeys, wolves, red pandas, alligators, and many more animals. The major activities here include a children’s petting zoo, sea lion shows as well as camel feedings.

What you Expect

Utica Zoo has served the region of Utica in New York for over 100 years. Utica Zoo is now a favorite and recreational place for visitors. The land of the Utica Zoo is donated by Thomas R. Proctor in 1909 and is now owned by the City of Utica. Now the Zoo is officially open to the public in addition to the children’s Zoo and is known as an educational institute by the department. In this educational department, various classes and events are performed.

Plan your Visit

If you are planning to visit the City of Utica, then you must visit Utica Zoo as the per-member ticket pricing is so reasonable compared to the sites and species of animals to see here. The time to visit Utica Zoo, Utica, New York is from 10 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. The ticket pricing for children aged 1 and below is free of cost and varies from $5 to $7 according to the age group they fall in.

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