Cheyenne Botanic garden

West Wyoming’s Botanic Garden enriches and beautifies the High Plains community through many features like gardening, and education volunteering. This garden is the most favorite honeymoon and vacation spot in Cheyenne. Being a popular tourist destination, tourists visiting the Botanic Gardens do not face any problems. Get a chance to see the diversity of beautiful horticulture, landscape, fauna renewable energy, history, and science, etc.

Cheyenne Botanic Garden spread over 9 acres at Lion Park in Cheyenne. It also has several special gardens. The Botanic Garden, situated at an altitude of 6200 feet in the northwest of Chennai, was started in 1977. In today’s time, this garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Along with many species of beautiful flowers, there is also a garden of vegetables.


  • Botanic Garden of Cheyenne: The Botanic Garden is a precious garden of Cheyenne. Festivities and education can be enjoyed to the fullest in this park. This park is also important from the point of view of development and promotion of cultivation in the community. Beautiful flowers of more than 27 different species are found here. Curetted displays of plants and trees from all around the world and a splendid variety of shrubs add to the beauty of this garden. The Garden of Cheyenne is the only public park that is also climatically challenging.


  • Vegetable Garden: Along with enjoying the natural beauty of trees, plants, and wildlife at the Cheyenne Botanic Garden, one can also entertain the community vegetable garden. This place is suitable for tropical plants, shrubs, and special displays. Youth, seniors, and volunteers provide more than ninety percent of the physical exertion in these parks. Many special gardens like vegetable garden, botanical garden, woodland garden add to the natural beauty and beauty of Cheyenne Botanic Garden. Millions of tourists are impressed by its beauty every year.


  • Greenhouse of Botanic Garden: – To control the challenging climate here, there is a greenhouse that is powered by 100% solar energy. There are many gardens outside the greenhouse in which there are many flowers. The temperature in winter inside the greenhouse is up to about 80 degrees. The garden is overcrowded during the summer, but the greenhouse is open and free to visitors in winter as well. Here you can enjoy seeing all kinds of interesting plants, ponds and cactus gardens.


  • The Cheyenne Botanical Garden in Wyoming is the first public garden to be a climate-challenged garden.
  • The Garden is home to 27 special landscapes as well as the oldest locomotive engine in Wyoming.


Activities: – The Cheyenne Botanic Garden in West Wyoming is a very beautiful place to visit for parties, weddings, receptions, ceremonies, and outings. Spread over 9 acres in Lions Park, this is a unique garden that also includes partitions like Xeriscape Garden, Woodland Garden, and Bedont Rose Garden. You can enjoy various friendly activities here if you come with family and kids. Enjoy admiring the natural beauty throughout your life and experience peace and relaxation.


What to expect: – An afternoon visit to the Botanical Garden is like a trip to heaven. In this garden, there is a house of beautiful small creatures which attracts the mind of tourists. Among these creatures, you will also find here rabbits, ducks, songbirds, squirrels, and other wild animals. Seeing the interesting plants, neat little cactus, garden, and beautiful fish pond, your mind will be filled with happiness. Your trip becomes more special after seeing the wonderful views here.


Plan to visit: Here you get free admission. The opening timings are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The open grounds of the Cheyenne Botanic Garden are always ready to welcome visitors. This treasured place is a source of peace for many people. Make your holiday a memorable one with flowers, plants, trees, and art installations here. Take up photography for weddings, engagements, family, senior photos, and more and experience some of your quality travel.

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