Annapolis City Dock

Annapolis City Dock offers major activities like shopping, dining, sightseeing, boating, and admiring natural beauty. City Dock holds various holiday-themed and seasonal festivals and events throughout the year, featuring memorials of Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley at the head of the city dock. It is home to several recreation boats to offer boating and breathtaking views of the sun setting down above the water. Annapolis City Dock is a picturesque location in Maryland for photography, including historical sites, vibrant historical stories, and fascinating views out over the bay. Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars at night with a special one! There are plenty of lively art, painting, prints, and popular boat shows to enjoy.


Ego Alley

Ego Alley is the famous portion of City Dock where visitors can watch the boats parade in the water. Enjoy overlooking cruises and special cruise events all year long. There are many restaurants that offer tasty food items, immersive boutiques, relaxing opportunities, and adoring beautiful scenery. The events of the Ego Alley offer unforgettable memories and adventures with lots of fun ideas and laughter.

Annapolis City Dock Events

 City Dock hosts numerous big Annapolis events, shows, and parades to have fun. City Dock also hosts the largest in-water boat show in the world, which is known as the “Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show”. There are many dazzling and massive displays on New Year’s Eve. Grab a chair and attend military parades and dozens of festivals each year.

Chesapeake Bay Waterfront

The waterfront is a premium spot for visitors who want to explore marine wildlife and enjoy sunbathing on the beach. There are multiple small playgrounds for kids to swing and slide under shiny sunlight. Bask in the beauty of the waterfront! The waterfront is the best location for outdoor enthusiasts, including kayaking, boating, canoeing, swimming, and fishing in the bay.

Facts: –

  1. Annapolis City Dock is added to the Colonial Annapolis National Historic Landmark.
  2. City Dock hosts the largest in-water boat show called the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show.

Activities: – Heart of Annapolis, City Dock is a popular destination for picnics among the locals and international tourists, connecting with the Chesapeake Bay. Enjoy marvelous displays at the 4th of July event, an exciting military parade each year, and the biggest in-water show in the world. City Dock is a hosting point for most of the events and water tours, allowing visitors to watch the boats, cruise, and shake out legs aboard the boats. There are many art galleries, hand-crafted goods, and gift shops for buying gifts. Enjoy strolling on the beach in the evening while cherishing vivid scenery along the way.

What to expect: – Annapolis City Dock is a must-see and must-experience place, where you are sure to have a fun vacation and unique events to enjoy. City Dock offers incredible entertainment venues, boat shows, amazing historical sites, fabulous dining, recreation sites, art galleries, and an attractive boutique collection for shopping. Enjoy watching cruises, seeing panoramic vistas of the Chesapeake Bay, and evening seasonal brews at the pub. You can also experience City Dock’s best boat show to explore sailboats and yachts alive in the bay every day.

 Plan your Visit: – Annapolis City Dock opens daily for visitors from 7 am to 9 pm for picnicking. Catch the largest show in Maryland. Grab a seat and enjoy the military bowl parade in winter. City Dock offers perfect sunset views to simply looking and relaxing in Annapolis.

From the church circle, saunter down to City Dock; explore fashion boutiques and dozens of gift shops, restaurants, waterfront, art galleries, pubs, and historic sites. There are varieties of special and imported hand-crafted merchandise around the country.

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