Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Have you ever gone to spend a day of fun and exciting adventure with family and friends? One of the most thrilling things and entertainment, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom contains world-class rides, waterparks, live performances, and an amusement park for little ones. Since 1884, the amusement park is a popular destination among tourists around the world for its longest roller coasters and unique water slides to enjoy in cultivating an environment of the park. Dorney Park is a former site for the Great Pumpkin Fest, extravagant sights, state-to-art classes, and ultimate playgrounds, featuring more than 60 rides, tremendous splash pads, planet snoopy, wave pools, and immersive play area to discover new hidden talents of kids and their parents. There are many twisting water slides, a beach-themed play area, and many shaded areas to sit and watch others having fun and kids playing


Wildwater Kingdom Waterpark

 Explore the Wildwater Kingdom that attracts every water lover with its plunge of Python Plummet to the fun of Lollipop Lagoon. The waterpark offers hydra rides for thrill seekers who look for endless fun with water, including water slides that directly drop into the swimming pools. With a relaxing pool, Wildwater Kingdom has many water fountains and splash pads for kids to enjoy.

Live Events and Festivals

 In addition to amusement rides, Dorney Park includes many fun activities and outdoor recreation. There are several awe-inspiring live events and performance with thrills that catches every ones’ attention through their fabulous lighting and decorations. Say Hello, to your favorite artist, performer, and musician! Live events are the best time to bring the family together to enjoy.

Amusement Park Rides

 Dorney Park contains lots of fun and laughs with its 64 rides which include kid’s rides, adult rides, carousel rides, and roller coaster rides, including the eighth-longest roller coaster in the world. There is plenty of thrill rides on the antique carousel, Ferris wheel, and Skyride for visitors to enjoy.

Facts: –

  1. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom opened in 1884, operating from May to October.
  2. Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is operated and owned by Cedar Fair.

Activities: – Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is perfect for family fun, kid events, nighttime events, interactive parade, cultural fests, and many other traditional events to enjoy. With great tempting dining facilities, Dorney Park is possessed with little thrills of water slides to go down on slippery surfaces into the refreshing pool. Take a lazy float on water and feel a heart-pounding culinary experience every minute.

What to expect: – Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom has one of the largest and most famous water parks in the United States, featuring dozens of water slides, swimming pools, dining options, a play area for kids, a wave pool, The Great Pumpkin Fest, and scare-free Halloween Haunt that is a boo blast of the Halloween party. There are many events, live performances, and amusement rides on the carousel and roller coaster with lots of screams. You can see the amusement and water park in many music videos and movies filmed at the park.

Plan your visit: – Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is a two-in-one amusement park that offers a perfect mixture of thrill and fun in the heart of Allentown. You can come here from May to October for the best experience of outdoor recreation and water features. Experience extreme screams and adventure rides on the roller coaster with friends and family.

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