Tom's Ice Cream Bowl

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl of the USA is a popular ice cream parlor located in Zanesville, Ohio. Estab-lished in 1948, this parlor has become a beloved local institution that provides plenty of entertainment for its visiting guests. With its delicious ice cream, this parlor attracts lakhs of people every year. The main reason for the enduring popularity of this parlor is its commitment to the quality of its properties. You must come to Ice Cream Sight to enjoy delicious ice cream made using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.



Delicious Homemade Ice Cream

Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl is known for its delicious homemade ice cream. With a variety of tastes to choose from, there is something for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors like vanilla or chocolate, or black raspberry and maple walnut, it’s got you covered. Customers can pick up cones and cups of ice cream of their choice. Also, banana pieces and milkshakes are also available here for you.

Events of Tom’s ice cream Bowl

This parlor not only serves delicious ice cream but also organizes special events throughout the year. National Ice Cream Day is celebrated here each year in July with special discounts and goodies. During Christmas, the parlor is decorated with festive lights and ornaments. In the summer, check out the Classic Car Show, which features vintage cars from all over the region, as well as live music, food vendors, and a variety of ice cream.


Retro atmosphere

This charming parlor is also famous for its retro ambiance. From this, you can know the condition of the parlor here in the olden times. The parlor decor features vintage pictures and furnishings that create a nostalgic feel. There are also classic board games and puzzles for guests to play. Hang out with friends and family and enjoy the serene atmosphere here.


  1. The owner of this famous ice cream parlor in the USA is Joe Baker.
  2. Tom’s Ice Cream Bowl was formerly known as Jack Hammer Ice Cream Company.

Activities:-Thomas’s Ice Cream Bowl is a great local institution where you can experience one of Ohio’s best ice cream parlors. As a popular tourist attraction, it offers delicious ice cream, a charming atmosphere, and community involvement to tourists. With a commitment to quality, retro charm, and community involvement, it’s always there to serve guests. If you want to spend your time on vacation then this will be the favorite and fun place for you.

What to expect:-This ice cream parlor in Zanesville never disappoints its visitors. Consider coming here during your holiday to make the trip a memorable one. Watch each and every special show of Parlor with your family. Guests can enjoy their ice cream in a fun and laid-back atmosphere while listening to live music. Come here for the retro atmosphere and reminisce about the olden days of parlors.

Plan to visit:- Be sure to visit Tomes Ice Cream Bowl with your family, kids, and friends to learn about history. It is open to guests throughout the year. Here you can enter from Friday to Thursday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Check the weather before you come here and dress accordingly. Plan a fun and memorable trip here.

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