Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.S. Mount Rushmore attracts over 2 million tourists every year. Spread over a land of 1278 acres, the height of this monument is 5725 feet above sea level. This area of the Black Hills is the center of the religious traditions of the Sioux tribe.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest is based primarily on four giant sculptures. This sculpture is carved in the form of a face made of granite which is 60 feet high. This sculpture by sculptor Gutzon Borglum includes U.S president Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt. The four presidents were elected to represent the growth, birth and development, and protection of the nation.



  1. Wildlife and wildflowers: – This premier South Dakota destination has provided thousands of visitors with unique and educational experiences on topics of wildlife and plants. Animals mainly in Mount Rushmore include deer, rabbits, squirrels, hillocks, goats, and chimpanzees. Different species of beautiful wildflowers are also here. This flower blooms on the walkways of the park enhance the beauty of the park.


  1. Black hills Ghost town: – Black Hills Ghost Town is one of the highlights of South Dakota. The ghost town was established to extract gold and lots of minerals. This area offers a lot of learning opportunities for the visitors and it is quite amazing from the point of photography. However, it is a matter of caution that there are dilapidated structures around the mine, which are dangerous to step on. Apart from this, it is a beautiful place for tourists where they can spend a lot of their time.


  1. Sculptor’s studio: – The Mount Rushmore Memorial in the Black Hills is a prime spot for not only kid-friendly activities but also for special events. The equipment and models used in the construction of this monument were made in the form of a studio. A very attractive and exciting exhibition is depicted here in its carving. It is worth visiting for tourists. Monument key studio provides a whole new experience for the visitor. Although this sculptor’s studio is closed from October to April, it is quite exciting for tourists during the rest of the time.


  1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is also known as the ‘Shrine of Democracy’.
  2. The construction work of this monument started in 1927 and it was fully completed in 1941.

Activities: – Mount Rushmore Memorial in South Dakota is considered a symbol of the ideals of freedom and democracy. You can find information about all kinds of things in this national monument situated atop dense forests and ancient rivers. Filled with wildlife, trees, historical sculptures, flowers, and minerals, this region provides entertainment and information to its tourists throughout the year. This place of exceptional quality is beyond the expectations of the guests who come here. The various stunning views of the Memorial provide special pleasure to the visitors.


What to expect: – Special events are available for all visitors to enjoy at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, especially during the summer. There is a lot of things to learn from the history of the surrounding area and monument. This U.S national monument not only represents the past but also promises the future. A visit to Mount Rushmore is a journey that will be remembered forever. The culture and atmosphere here remain as memories for the visiting guests. It is one of the beautiful and attractive places on earth.


Plan to visit: – Mount Rushmore National Memorial is open to visitors all year-round. Since it is from a temperate region, it is more suitable for recreation in winter. Almost all the facilities are available to the people coming especially in this season. Visitors come here to experience high-quality hospitality. Make your visit special to see the magnificent historical memorabilia, natural diversity, and museum here.


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