Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is the main tourist attraction and fabulous destination of West Utah. The breathtaking views and serene atmosphere of this park are commendable for any kind of visitor. Natural beauty, as well as outdoor recreation, can be enjoyed at this wonderful place in West Utah.

Located in Southwestern Utah, Bryce Canyon National Park is an American National Park that offers spectacular natural scenery for visitors to this region. Founded by Mormon pioneers in the 1850s, the park covers 376 acres along the Colorado River in Bullhead City.



  • Turtle statue of Bryce Canyon National Park: The turtle statue located in this park is one of the attractive things of the park. The desert turtle named ‘Poky’ was found in Bullhead city as a Christmas present which is 2 tons. There is a huge sculpture of art standing in the middle of the park which attracts the tourists to the mind the turtle in Bryce Canyon park costs $54000.


  • Colorful rocks and plateaus: Bryce Canyon park is a series of natural amphitheaters carved on the edge of a high plateau. In the summer season, on the night of the full moon, the views here are amazing. The visitors coming here are astonished to see such scenes. The beauty of the southern Utah desert comes from its ‘Table Cliffs’ and ‘Pan Sagunto’ plateau. There are millions of red-pink rock peaks called hoods. These hoods seem to glow at sunrise and sunset which adds to the beauty of the park. The red, orange, and white-colored rocks offer spectacular views to the visitors.



  • Bull statue: As in Bryce Canyon National Park Bullhead city, the bull has been sculpted to make the city’s name easier to remember. Its display is in the park in such a way that people can take pictures with it. The statue has been installed by the park and recreation commissioners. It is believed that the cost of this statue is more than $4000. This gigantic statue stays in the hearts and minds of the visitors long after they return home.


  1. The park was originally declared a National Monument in 1927.
  2. Bryce Canyon hosts ‘Astronomy Events’ frequently throughout the year which is a major event here.


Activities: – There is no better place than Bryce Canyon National Park for those who love to experience the natural beauty and hand out. Many fun activities like hiking, stargazing, and wildlife watching and fishing are available here. This popular place in West Utah is a great place to mesmerize. If you like to roam near the river bottom, then there are many types of beautiful scenic drives that you can enjoy comfort while sitting in your vehicle.


What to expect: West Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park is as amazing as it is fascinating. There are so many unique destinations here that you should not miss. It is one of the many national monuments and state parks in Utah. Each site has its distinct natural beauty, unique activities, and history. Going in any season of the year, the view here is no less exciting. The red rock and sandstone, Rolling Meadows, and high mountain forests in this area of Utah bring special entertainment to the visitors here.


Plan to visit: This place is open 24 hours to visit. With its picturesque and serene environment, this park remains a spot for its visitors throughout the year. Take a walk in this park with your family, friends, kids and enjoy the colorful natural scenery. To make your vacation fun and memorable, a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park is definitely planned.

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