The Chena Lakes

As the name suggests, Chena Lake gives us the feeling of happiness. It is a campground flood control project operated by the Corps of Engineers. Chena Lakes are situated in North Pole Fairbank Alaska (a bear country), at the edge of the Alaskan forest. Come here and soak yourself in Chena's beauty if dealing with a hot sunny day. It is the right place for a family picnic, boating and, camping. It is a man-made lake created in the 1970s with a recreation area of 2000 acres. Inside it includes a park, picnic area, camping site, swimming, and boating opportunities that make it all over a good place for both locals and tourists. Chena lakes have two different charisma, the lake park, and the river park. Both of them are easily accessible and surrounded by birch forests that overlook the water.

ATTRACTIONS (Chena lake Recreation area)


LAKE PARK (260 Acre Chena Lake) covers

The Chena Lakes Park has a campground with several campsites where you can get a rental ice house with a wood stove and a bundle of firewood for $5. There are two designated areas with 45 beautiful beaches including 11 pull-through. Boating facilities are available here on rent that consists of raddle boats, rowboats, canoes, and kayaks. The fee may vary as per the time. Also, there are multiple picnic sites with fire rings, tables, playgrounds, volleyball courts, horseshoe pit, restrooms, and potable water stations.



River Park is very peaceful and fabulous for the visitors that have a campground with 35 campsites. Don’t miss the tour of river park trails at Chena Lakes. These trails are self-guided (non-motorized) that follow the Chena River. Walking through these trails seems adorable and peaceful. Chena River Nature Trail is a 4.2-kilometer loop trail suitable for all skill level persons. In winter, you can come with friends to experience the Mike Agbaba Trail System and River Park Cross Country Ski Trails. The presence of wildlife makes it a little bit adventurous and risky too.




The recreation area of Chena lakes include ice fishing houses that are available for public use. You need to make a reservation for it. These fishing houses are equipped with woodstoves and a limited amount of firewood. For additional firewood, you have to purchase them. One of the best things is that all the ice fishing houses are located within a walking distance of the parking area.



  • The Chena Lakes provide a variety of habitats that serve an abundance of wildlife.
  • In July and August big fish can be easily observed in the clear waters.


What to Expect

Chena Lakes is the best place for family picnic where you can observe plenty of species including beavers, muskrats, otters and mink. Surrounded by birch forest the place gives you various panoramic views. This place is best for wildlife watching, hiking, , boating, swimming, and other outdoor sports.



Chena Lakes is a nice place to enjoy ice fishing. Other than this you can attempt for biking trails in summer. Various sport activities includes volleyball, horseshoes, paddleboats, row boats and stand-up paddleboards to cruise the waters. There is also a picnic area and campsite to enjoy some evening moments. All the campsites are available on the first-come -first serve basis.


Plan your visit

You can come here all over the year. There are plenty of activities to do during summers and winters. Winter is a good time for watching wildlife here. Snow provides excellent tracking opportunities for the hikers.

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