Arches National Park

Arches National Park is a place with the contrast of colors, textures, and landforms that can never be seen anywhere else in this world. This Park with beautiful views has 2000 natural arches along with massive rock fins, balanced giant-sized rocks, and various other adventurous things. Millions of years back, this place was a dry land extending from one horizon to another. But, today this place is shaped by water and the environment is like nowhere and words fall less for its beauty

Water shapes this place and environment more than any other force. Small deposits start forming with each storm and later on grow into bigger ones. Arches also grow near cliffs and grow deeper until they grow through the wall below them. In addition to it, small formations called tafone also exist.


  1. Delicate Arch: The Delicate Arch is the most widely recognized landmark in Arches National Park and is depicted on a postage stamp. Due to the distinctive shape of the arch, it’s named “The Chaps”. The sandstone slowly got worn away by erosion and thus leaving the arch. Climbers and photographers named this place a top-roping place. All other arches such as delicate arches are formed in the same way with the deposit of sand.


  1. Landscape Arch: Landscape Arch is the longest natural arch of Arches National Park, Utah. This arch is one among the Devils Garden in the North direction. The area of this natural arch is measured as 290.1 feet. Rockfalls happen at this arch and the most recent rockfall occurred in 1990 when one slab fell and since then the trail underneath the arch is closed. You will be amazed to see such examples of natural beauty.



  1. Double Arch: The starting of the double arch trail was from the trailhead for Window Arches and Turret Arches. It is made so easy that one can visit five arches in just one hour. Moving from Double Arch, there are distinct rocks on the left side that resembles elephants and the Double Arch gives the look like a gyroscope. A 112-foot tall and 144-foot-wide span is the tallest one and the train passes in between these two bigger arches. It gives you a nice experience here.


  • Being bigger in size the Arches National Park has more natural holes in rocks.
  • It has more than 2000 arches and windows in it.



This place is really amazing one to enjoy the leisure time and have great memories. The major activities to do at Arches National Park include Arches Scenic Drive, Park Avenue, La Sal Mountains, Double Arch, The windows, Turret Arch, and Balanced Rock. The other activities include trail riding, Hiking to Delicate Arch, Backpacking, Admire the scenery at Park Avenue Viewpoint.


What to expect:

If you are planning for a trip to Arches National Park located near Moab, Utah you will be able to see various sceneries, views, hiking, and other fun and leisure activities. Starting from morning views till the evenings the place is just to admire about. And to avoid the crowd you must know about the place from a guide and book the place tickets and parking area.


Plan your visit:

To visit such a beautiful place like Arches National Park, you must confirm everything starting from best time to visit, the best season to visit and what to see and do there. The cost to visit Arches National Park is $427. And the entry fee for the park is approximately $15 per person. And the best time to visit Arches National Park is April through May and September through November as the temperature there can raise up to 100 degrees.

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