McCormick's Creek State Park

Parks are the popular spots that come to everyone’s mind when we think about a family trip. McCormick's Creek State Park is the oldest Park in Indiana located 14 miles from Bloomington. This park is popular for its unique limestone formations, limestone canyon, scenic waterfalls, and fine system of equestrian paths. McCormick's Creek State Park is situated along the White River with the main attraction “McCormick's Creek Falls”.


Many visitors enjoy hiking trails that embraces diverse forest trees, spicebush, and a wide variety of wildflowers. Moreover, it also consists of a trail that leads to the Wolf Cave Nature Preserve. After feeling exhausted from the hiking you can relax in the lobby of Canyon Inn that is open to all the visitors of this park.


McCormick’s Creek State Park offers active delight through all seasons of the year with its enormous activities and attractions. Several cultural events and concerts are organized in the park. You will go with your heart full of enjoyment and soul full of positivity after visiting this place.



  1. Waterfall & Canyon: The McCormick’s Creek state park has a famous waterfall that is serving as a primary attraction of this park. Make sure to witness this waterfall when you come here. Also, the rugged canyons of McCormick’s Creek Park have made this place an ideal place to visit. The McCormick’s Creek Canyon is also known as the heart of the park with upper levels around 700 feet above sea levels and a dropping level of around 540 feet.


  1. History:Don’t forget to experience the history of Indiana while climbing the fire tower, crossing the stone arch bridge, and Statehouse Quarry. It is believed that the Civilian Conservation Corps has built the stone arch bridge in this park. Moreover, there is a statue of Strauss famous for her contribution to the park and the conservation of its forest.


  1. Hiking Trails: The Wolf Cave Trailis of moderate difficulty with 2 miles in length. You can start walking from the Wolf Cave Parking Area and move along the route that passes through Beech-Maple forest. Another trail is McCormick’s Creek Falls Trail that is only 0.8 miles long. For this trail, you have to pass across from Canyon Inn. This trail will give you experiences of fluctuating water levels that make some areas inaccessible during some seasons. It ends at a place named Stoney Restroom.


Facts: On 4th July 1916 McCormick’s Creek State Park was considered Indiana’s first state park.

Activities: There are hiking trails in the park where you hike through the wooden area. Otherwise, you can roam through the wonderful canyon that is surrounded by high cliffs. You can also enjoy swimming, and camping in this beautiful and natural place.


What to Expect: You can expect that the place is full of fun and activities. It includes a picnic area where you can spend the whole day with your family. The biggest advantage is that it is open all year so you can come here any time of the year.


Plan your visit: The park opens every day from 7:00 am to 11 pm. You can purchase the entry tickets direct after reaching the location or via the online process.

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