Tukwila Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle’s Restaurant

Let’s get ready for indoor and outdoor games in Family Fun Center. Here in Renton, visit an entertainment center where you will find fun and games for all ages. In Washington, Tukwila Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle’s Restaurant is located just minutes away from downtown Renton. Tukwila Fun Center and Restaurant contain multiple outdoor and indoor games, featuring laser tag, Kidopolis, frog hopper, arcade games, and a majestic restaurant with delicious food options.

Bullwinkle’s Restaurant offers space for a fantastic event venue, family reunion, and wedding with decorative flowers, plants, and lights. There are a lot of games to play, win, and polish imagination skills. Burn off some energy by playing golf at 9 holes course and baseball in the batting cages. The fun center is an excellent mix of indoor and outdoor activities, including play equipment, mini cars, bumper boats, go-karts, and an unlimited thrill ride on the screaming swing for an exciting adventure. Learn some skills of bowling in Bowlwinkle Lane’s center and watch moving films at XD Theater at this entertainment center.

Attractions: – 

  • Tukwila Family Fun Center: – The fun center provides choices of indoor fun from bumping to battling, movie watching, and riding. Take a bumper car ride with little ones to battle with fellow riders or go at the 16-lane bowling center, laser tag arena as well as a roller coaster. Enjoy driving Go-karts, furious rides of mini-tower, bumper cars as well as arcade games. Enjoy a laser tag area filled with lights and music.


  • Bullwinkle’s Restaurant: – The restaurant is an amazing spot to eat and celebrate with enough food, great drinks, and snacks for hungry golfers. It includes salads, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and a variety of ice creams. The restaurant hosts an incredible event venue and birthday parties in a luxurious space. The restaurant is a classy choice for a family reunion and business lunch to enjoy the local and international taste.



  • Fun Center Outdoor Games: – The Fun Center contains a miniature golf course, bumper boats, batting cages, bungee trampoline, and Screamin’ Swing for extreme amusement. Take a thrill ride on screaming swing and bumper boats. Learn baseball and softball at batting cages and golf at The Memory Lane and Arctic Adventure with different holes courses.


Facts: – 

  1. Tukwila Family Fun Center has 9 acres of area in Renton
  2. The Bullwinkle’s Restaurant includes seats of 250 people.


Activities: – The Family Fun Center is themed as the Pacific Northwest adventure with miniature golf, batting cages, go-karts rides, and bumper rides for visitors to bump into other fellow boaters. Kids can learn about the rules of the road at traffic school. Beat time, imagination, and space at XD Theater, featuring an unmatched speed of motion-based films. There are opportunities for bowling, virtual tour, bumping, and battling on the tracks of bumper cars. Feel comfortable at the restaurant with amenities like foodstuff, drinks, and a musical atmosphere to celebrate your birthday parties.


What to Expect: – The Fun Center and Restaurant is an iconic landmark of Renton that offers a friendly environment and parking area for visitors. You can enjoy high rides of Frog Hopper into the air and a great ride of thrilling Screamin’ Swing. Experience the slingshot to enjoy stunning views of the region from the sky. There is a Kidopolis Playland for children and a VR Headset challenge on a vibrating floor for fun seekers and virtual adventurers. You can race around the go-kart tracks and enjoy laser tag games at the fun center.


Plan your Visit: – Tukwila Fun Center & Restaurant is open all year round for fun seekers with a $3.00-$100.00 admission fee. Spin and bump with your bumper cars across the paly arena! Enjoy events, special days, and the facilities of the restaurant. Taste a variety of foodstuff and experience fun vibes at this urban recreation center!

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