Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre

Just some miles west of Denver, visit the world-famous Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre. It is an open-air amphitheater which is considered to be the best place to see stars that is full of adventure and popular outdoor venue. Red Rock Park is a mountain park and part of the Denver Mountain Park system. Red Rock Amphitheatre is a naturally formed music venue stadium blessed with acoustics and surrounded by huge vertical rocks. The main beauty of the park is the red sandstones formed about 290-296 million years ago. The construction of this amphitheater is done in a way to preserve its natural beauty and unrivaled musical history. Many concerts and events are organized but if not scheduled then you can take advantage of exploring this place peacefully. You get the opportunity to visit museums, visitor center, shopping, and check out the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. In winters the park is slightly cooler and here it gets a little snowy. There are several trails for hiking to explore surrounding rocky mountain foothills and wildlife.


Red Rock Trails

The Red Rock Trail is popular for the great sunrise hike and challenging bike ride. This is 6 mile Red Rock Loop multi-use Trail for hiking and to accommodate mountain bikers, horses, and leashed dogs. The trail provides visitors the great opportunities to see geologic overlooks and amazing scenic vistas. You will explore rocky mountain foothills and watch wildlife along the way of the trail.

Red Rock Amphitheatre

Red Rock Amphitheatre provides a journey through the history, legacy, and rich stories of iconic music venues. Red Rock Amphitheatre is a popular spot well known for its concerts, live records, movies, natural acoustics, and ambiance. The Amphitheatre features an interactive education display and its musical history. Red Rock Amphitheatre hosts the largest musical acts of legends like John Denver, The Beatles, Rush, and so many others.


Colorado Music Hall of Fame

Colorado Music Hall of Fame is a museum at Red Rock Amphitheatre created to pay respect who have contributed to preserve and protect historical artifacts. Colorado Music Hall of Fame Museum provides exhibitions and artifacts of musical history, concerts, and events to enjoy. Come and know the history of this place.


  1. Red Rock Park is 6450 feet above sea level.
  2. This is listed as a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service
  3. The first concert held at Red Rock was in 1906 hosted by John Walker.



Red Rock Park and Amphitheatre is full of an amazing outdoor music venue with an inspiring history. There are several trails to hike, bike, horseback ride, and rocky mountain wildlife. See the stunning views of the surrounding, museum, art galleries, and rock formations. Enjoy musical concerts and video galleries at the Amphitheatre. There are several programs for skiers, snowboarders, winter sports, and yoga. It is one of the extraordinary venues in the world from a different perspective.


What to Expect

Red Rock Park has geological marvels, meadows, wildlife habitats, and dinosaur fossils to witness. You can enjoy Red Rock Concerts, red rock trails, mountain bike rides, horseback rides, museum galleries, trees, and wildlife in this area.


Plan your visit

you can visit here all year round from sunrise to sunset (9 am to 5 pm). The park is free to visit for everyone. Come here and delve into Red Rock’s history and get your heart-pumping experience with adventurous activities.

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