Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an amusement park spread over 11 acres of land located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. One of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the country, this Min-neapolis park attracts millions of visitors annually. Tourists can come here and see many things in-cluding 40 permanent art installations. Plan to visit this park to see the treasured cultural resources where you can see fountains, dozens of sculptures, and a delightful variety of public art.


Art in the garden

It is also a good opportunity to test your skills with group activities and programs. Try lots of new things. Explore pottery, theater, dance, music as well as many more. The park offers art activities for individuals of all ages. Children also gain interest in painting after seeing the things here.

Natural Area of Sculpture Garden

 There are many places to visit in this park. From ravines and river banks to splendid expanses and secluded trails, the serene and picturesque environment offers a wonderful view of colorful beautiful flowering plants, lush green fields, wildlife, and art. Nature-based activities include meeting live animals & birds, planting seeds, spending time in water-activities and mini golf, etc.

Events of garden

Many events are organized throughout the year at this magnificent garden in Minnesota. The children’s program teaches arts and crafts, walking tours, games, and theme activities. Children of ages 5 to 12 can learn here. During the youth program, you get a chance to play and participate in volleyball, basketball, and many other games. Apart from this, natural programs, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Monarch Festival, Owamni Falling Water Festival, etc. are also specially celebrated here.


  1. Renovated in 2017 this sculpture garden is an ideal place for culture and entertainment.
  2. It is a serene place that is considered a perfect place for art and walking, looking at flowers and gardens.

Activities:- Visitors get to see many fun things in the park. It is a suitable place for people of all ages. You will discover the natural world here. See plants, insects, animals, water, and much more. Children can participate in the park program. According to the season, various programs are organized here. Be sure to visit, and participate in water activities, adventure hubs, youth programs, art, winter activities, music, and movies.

What to expect:- This Sculpture Garden is the heart of Minneapolis where visitors have the opportunity to view famous collections of contemporary and modern times. A great destination for tourists to enjoy art such as Spoonbridge and Cherry. With amazing sculptures and a wide range of different styles, this park offers beautiful views. The sculpture garden is a great place to relax and explore while experiencing many of the best of art.

Plan to visit:-The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is open to visiting guests year-round. Make sure to visit this wonderful park in the USA with your family, friends, and kids. It is open seven days a week from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. You can make your visit memorable by seeing the amazing view of this public park. Don’t miss the old church, the Walker Art Museum, and the surroundings of the pond.

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