Do you know the World’s largest arcade games collection found in Laconia’s Funspot? Founded back in 1952, the Funspot has one of the largest collections of the 1970s and 1980s games in the World. The Funspot features many arcade games, over 500 video games, an indoor miniature golf course, a bowling center, cash bingo, pinball machines, and a tavern for visitors to play and win cash prizes and surprises. Officially, the Funspot is the “largest Arcade in the World”, by Guinness World Records, offering several enjoyment opportunities and fun events. The Funspot of the Laconia contains more than 200 games from the 1970s and 80s, preserving the coin-operated arcade games, many lost games, bingo games, historical artifacts, quality entertainment for the family, and an array of fun that catches the attention of visitors from the World towards the museum to try their luck. Enjoy bumper cars, skeeball, bowling, and multiple activities for children and adults. Explore the selection of old arcade games, antique and classic pinball.


American Classic Arcade Museum

As the Largest collection of arcade games in the World, the Funspot collects and preserves historical coin-operated arcade games. The museum hosts the Annual classic video games and pinball Tournament for attempting to break records on the arcade games, welcoming thousands of people from all over the world to set records in front of Referees from Guinness World Records.

Cash Bingo

 Try new games while you are here! Try Cash Bingo tonight for a nominal fee! Cash bingo is a game of winning cash prizes and many other gifts for winners to make your games more fun and exciting. There are many electronic bingo computers that offer tranquil gaming and many gift cards to keep you entertained. Spend your entire day inside the Funspot.

Indoor Miniature Golf Course

 Come any time to enjoy games! The Funspot has dozens of attractions in which mini golf course is one of the favorite spots for visitors to enjoy golfing. A 5500 square feet huge 18-hole indoor mini golf area that features ornaments and golf equipment for players who want to play and learn new skills. Brings your family and friends for a competition and bet with them. Enjoy the game and follow the rule of the game to make golf more fun.

Facts: –

  1. Funspot was founded on June 27, 1952, by the mastermind Bob Lawton in Laconia.
  2. The Funspot is named the Largest Arcade in the World by Guinness World Records at the 10th Annual International video games and Pinball Tournament.

Activities: – Funspot is home to over 600 games, a bowling center, a miniature golf course, restaurants, and cash bingo at the hall filled with hundreds of players. The American Classic Arcade Museum set many world records of all time by popular gamers, regained and installed the video game Tank 2. The Funspot includes delicious dining at restaurants, the latest arcades, and a 20-lane ten-pin & candlepin bowling center on its floor to play and win. Learn a new skill and expand your curiosity and tricks for winning.

What to expect: – The Funspot has several nightly games each day with new excitement and appreciation for playing. You have chances to win cash prizes worth thousands of dollars and grab your seat at the art bingo hall to enjoy more bingo fun. You can see the American Classic Arcade Museum and other parts of the area in the movie named “The King of Kong”. Beat old records and set your new world record! Many modern games offer ticket rewards for expensive things. Enjoy bumper car rides with kids and bump into other riders.

Plan your visit: – The Funspot opens all year round from 12-10 pm on Monday through Thursday, 10 am to 11 pm on Saturday, and 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday. Match your appetite with the fun food of the Braggin’ Restaurant. Explore the selection of games from different eras, kids’ favorite skeeball, and pass many levels of video games that added wonder and maze mixed with buzz.

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