Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier originates from the Harding Icefield in the Kenai Mountain of Alaska. This is the most visited attraction here because of its accessibility. With just a 10-to-15-minute drive out of Seward, travelers can hike up to the Kenai Fjords National Park's Exit Glacier. Come and experience this huge wall of dense blue ice that descends from the Harding Ice Field down to the Resurrection River. Exit Glacier is part of the Harding Ice Field, which has only been around for about 23,000 years. It is one of the most approachable valley glaciers in Alaska that is a noticeable indicator of glacial trough due to the climate changes and weather conditions. Exit Glacier offers visitors the wonderful opportunity to have a close look at a glacier and see how it can shape a landscape.


Journey by Self

There is a network of trails (wheelchair accessible) that are easy to walk without any guide. The trails will take you from the visitor center to the toe of the glacier. The paths will connect you with the history and vegetation of this area. You will find their signs that explain the life of plants.

Guided Hikes

Those who are not satisfied by just having a close look at the glacier can join a guiding company for hiking this glacier. Felling the sheer ice walls, deep blue holes and the sounds of creaking ice make it a wonderful experience for the visitors. Some guides will offer you the trip onto the ice itself. Feels scary? Don’t worry you have to follow the instructions of the guide while climbing the ice.


Icefield Trail

This option is feasible for physically fit hikers only. This trail passes parallel to the north edge of the glacier and offers stunning views all along the way. In the end, on the Kenai Fjords outer coast you will witness the 700-square-mile Harding Icefield, Exit glacier, and the tidewater glaciers. The breathtaking scenic views can take your tiredness away.


  1. Exit Glacier is just one of 35 Glaciers that make up the Harding Ice field in the Kenai Mountains of Alaska.
  2. It receives around 400 inches of snow every year.

What to Expect

The place is very cold so make sure you wear enough clothes. You can expect here a wild variety of animals and birds including mountain goats, bears, moose, eagles, and marmots.


Exit glacier is the most accessible and fascinating place to visit that offers plenty of adventures for visitors. Traverse the majesty of the Exit Glacier by ice hiking or ice climbing, Harding Ice field Trail, Fox Island, six Mile Creek, and Pederson Glacier. Walk the “Edge of the Glacier Trail” and enjoy the photography.

Plan your visit

You can come here all year round. In winters after the snowfall, the access to Exit glacier by road closes but the visitors can get to Exit Glacier by cross-country skiing, snowmobile, or by dog sled. Weather is very unpredictable for this place so please come with layered clothing, water, food, and good sturdy footwear.

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