Idaho Falls Riverwalk-Greenbelt Traila

In 5 miles around both sides of Snake River, visit this marvelous place in Idaho, Idaho Falls Riverwalk-Greenbelt Trail. Greenbelt Trail is a magnificent and classy choice for both residents and visitors. Trail highlights the most picturesque panorama of nature, providing super-clean way, art display, interpretive signs, creative artful benches, a huge place to play, and lots of awesome waterfront parks. Idaho Falls is the jewel of Idaho situated in the heart of the city famous for its natural beauty, winter wonder, and refreshing cascading of waterfalls. Greenbelt Trails connect with the walkway of the Pier & Milligan Park which hosts special events like weddings and community events. Enjoy walking on the beach of the Snake River to experience a lost lasting Riverwalk moments. Enjoy watching wildlife, birdlife, and sandy beach fun with kids. There are plenty of entertainment options which include boating, fishing, swimming, diving, adorable waterfalls, and the best views of the river.


Greenbelt Trail

Greenbelt Trail is a great way along the riverfront with many hiking, playing, and biking opportunities. Take a walk on paved trails; it is a spectacular way to explore new memory while admiring the beauty of falls, rivers, and specially designed benches. There are many sculptures and small lawns throughout the way. Nature decorates the walkway with little wildflowers and rich flora.

Idaho Falls

Idaho is an artificial wonder waterfall made for the hydroelectric plant on Snake River. Idaho Falls is one of the historical waterfalls situated in heart of the city and the city has the same name as the great cascading fall. Enjoy beautiful views of waterfall, wildflowers and a white church in the back of fall is fascinating. Idaho Falls has more than 600 feet of height from where water flows to the ground.

Snake River

Snake River invites visitors from all over the world for water sports and attending special events at the beach for extreme fun and entertainment. Snake River Landing is the perfect spot for a family stroll, picnicking, walking, and biking. The river offers fishing, boating, waterboarding, and water skiing for skiing lovers.



  1. Idaho Falls Riverwalk-Greenbelt Trail has five miles of the area near both sides of Snake River.
  2. Idaho Falls city named after an artificial waterfall, “Idaho Falls”.



Greenbelt Trail provides spectacular views of the area. It offers several special events, summer festivals, art displays, car shows, biking, skateboarding, exercising, and walking along plenty of flowers and grassy meadows. There are lots of unique benches for a picnic, little camping cabins, wide waterfalls, local shops, great restaurants, and a beautiful walk along the riverfront. Enjoy the city’s stunning views and the excellent atmosphere of events.

What to Expect

Idaho Falls River walk-Greenbelt Trail is home to natural views of magical falls, awesome river cascading, and cool blue sky. You can enjoy strolling, unlimited spectacular views, events, and festivals of Idaho Falls. Explore art, culture, colorful tiny wildflower, nightlife, and gorgeous scenery of the town. You can expect several attractive statues, little trails, strawberry bushes, and surprising gardens to enjoy.


Plan your Visit

You can come here all year round to stroll along pretty waterfalls and riverfronts. It is one of the charms of the city for attending the events of Idaho Falls! It is open 24 hours where you can bring your pet for a pleasing morning walk while watching lush greenery, breathtaking views. Enjoy exercising, running, and jogging on the trail!

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