Potter-Park Zoo

Are you searching for a wild adventure for your next trip to Lansing, Michigan? Visit a picturesque spot in Michigan, Potter Park Zoo opened in 1915 that encompasses 20 acres of area in Downtown Lansing to explore. The Zoo focused on the protection of animals and their species, hosting lots of events and educational programs to enhance the understanding of the conservation and protection of adorable wildlife creatures. The park zoo features plenty of shaded seating areas, eco-friendly items to purchase from gift shops, and 160 species of animals to see. Potter Park Zoo is passionate about the mission of inspiring the world about the conservation of animals and helping to protect, restore, and increase the breeding of rare wildlife. The zoo offers Dippin’ Dots, a stunning kiosk to explore, beating the heat with ice-creams, camel rides, gardens, a pond with ducks, restaurants, keeper’s talks, and Farmyard Adventure to enjoy. The zoo consists of many signposts that tell the vendors about the wildlife and beneficial environment for surviving.


Farmyard EdVenture

With a family-friendly atmosphere, Farmyard EdVenture provides an extraordinary experience with numerous animals. Farmyard EdVenture has cattle, chickens, pigs, and pygmy goats to explore while in the zoo. This is a fun spot for kids as well as adults with farmyard animals. Take a walk around to see animal species collected from all around the world.

Bird & Reptile House

The Bird & Reptile House has hundreds of animals and dozens of species of birds and reptiles to explore. The House includes rare and endangered species like Puerto Rican crested toad, a Madagascar hognose snake, and cotton-topped tamarin to watch. The House offers opportunities to take a closer look at threatened creatures and knowledge about the behavior and living environment of reptiles and birds.

Zoo Exhibit & Events

Potter Park Zoo is home to several animals, featuring hands-on interactive exhibits, colorful events, and fun games. The zoo has incredible endangered species restores to display directly in the exhibits. The zoo encourages guests to learn about neo-tropical migrant birds and offers an annual celebration for all ages to enjoy. Watch endangered tamarin monkeys!


Facts: –

  1. Potter Park zoo opened in 1915, covering 20 acres of land in Lansing.
  2. Potter Park Zoo is operated by Ingham county and operated by the city of Lansing.

Activities: – Potter Park Zoo is a great outdoor destination for animal lovers, including many educational programs, animal welfare programs, and a collection of animal habitats to explore. Learn about the healthy environment of animals and conservation through programs and events in the zoo. Enjoy strolling around the zoo in the events that offer beautiful colors and décor to appreciate. There are many traditional festivals and Halloween in the zoo to enjoy with family and friends. Explore the inclusive collection of birds and reptile species from all over the world.

What to expect: – Potter Park Zoo supports the conservation and ecosystem of nature and aware visitors of animals and their living atmosphere. The zoo has wonderful wildlife, birds, and reptiles to explore. You can enjoy camel rides to have an exceptional experience and explore rare species of animals. You can see the interactive displays created to demonstrate the importance of saving threatened species around the globe. Improve your experience through signposts installed along the way to give a sense of immersion in animal habitats.


Plan your visit: – Potter Park Zoo opens seven days a week for guests from 9 am to 4 pm on Monday to Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Potter Park Zoo has always been something exciting for everyone to see and enjoy. Click photos with your favorite animals and shop for something for everyone from gift shops! Feel refreshed with a variety of beverages, snacks, meals, and more!

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