Oregon Coast Aquarium

Are you planning to have fun at an aquarium in Oregon? Along Yaquina Bay adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, visit this world-class aquarium in Newport, Oregon Coast Aquarium. The aquarium is the most spectacular way to boost energy and inspire ocean conservation. Oregon Coast Aquarium was designed by SRG Architects, Portland. The aquarium was home to Keiko, the orca whale that starred in movies before moving to Iceland. The aquarium provides a great experience to walk on trails, going through the interconnecting tunnels that showcasing open ocean exhibits, and enjoying plenty of exhibits focused on the local Oregon coast and amazing marine animals. Oregon Coast Aquarium is an iconic aquarium of Newport to visit for seabird aviary, best photography, underwater walking, lots of exhibitions of the sea and coastal species, and sharing the knowledge of marine life with family and friends. It is wheelchair accessible aquarium.


Passages of the Deep

A 1.32 million gallon aquarium’s largest exhibit features walking through 3 interconnecting tunnels, formed in Keiko’s former home, stretching underwater. It offers glass tubes which surrounded by expensive ocean habitats, deep water plants, marine animals like shark, rockfish, ray and many other little creatures of water. The exhibit includes a sunken ship, viewing the changing underwater landscape and diverse colorful fish.

Aquarium Outdoor Exhibits

The outdoor exhibits of the aquarium consist of seabird aviary, turkey vultures, display of marine mammal species of California sea lions, sea otters, and harbor seals. It includes a coastal cove of giant Pacific octopus. These outdoor exhibits offer artificial rocks and many trails for overlooking the views of Yaquina Bay, coastline, roaming wildlife sighting, and native plants.


Cruisin’ The Fossil Coastline

Take a walk in the newest exhibit of the aquarium, through geological records, ancient species, and the environment from millions of years ago. Learn about the history of the region, marine life, sculpture, and prehistoric animals at the exhibit. It is home to paintings, images, and displays of fossils found across Oregon, also including marine plants, fish, amphibians, mammals, and birds to explore.



  1. Oregon Coast Aquarium opened in 1992, rests on 23 acres of area in Newport.
  2. The aquarium ranks in the top ten aquariums of North America in Coastal Living Magazine.

Activities: Oregon Coast Aquarium is the perfect destination for water lovers and birdwatchers, featuring several indoor and outdoor exhibits, marine science exhibition facilities, breathtaking trails, and displays of diverse deepwater creatures to explore. The aquarium is famous for educational programs which share information about the ecosystem and water life. Exhibits offer the seabird aviary of sea and shore, views of rocky cliffs, vultures, sea lions, seals, turtles to see. Enjoy walking on tunnels along ocean habitats stretches underwater.

What to Expect: The aquarium is dedicated to restore and educate visitors about the life of underwater. You can explore the octopus cave, exciting aquatic animals in an underwater tunnel, several exhibits, science programs, and gifts shops in the area. You can enjoy watching artworks, sculptures, paintings, displays in Cruisin’ the Fossil Coastline, prehistoric creatures, and authentic fossils. Enjoy the highlights of Oregon’s Coastal area in the exhibits.


Plan your visit: You can come here all year round to enjoy this public aquarium that showcases marine mammals, invertebrates, fishes, and native plants to the Oregon coast. Explore the Passages of the Deep exhibit where sharks swimming overhead! Create a memory while walking beneath the sea!

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