Space Needle

In Seattle, visit the icon of the Pacific Northwest and the city, The Space Needle is an observation tower in Washington, United States. Space Needle’s construction started in 1961 by Space Needle Corporation. It features lifts, antenna spires, The Loupe, and an observation deck at 520 feet of elevation. The Space Needle is a popular spot located in the center of downtown Seattle.

Originally, The Space Needle hosted exhibits within the designed fairgrounds of the World’s Fair, including elevators to travel up and down, restaurants, and lookouts at the top. Around 20000 visitors a day used its observation deck during the events and over 2 million visitors come here annually from all over the world. The structure looks marvelous during events with fireworks and the illumination of lights in the night. Take your leisure time to glorify the phenomenal armature, stunning vistas coastal setting, views of neighborhoods, and dynamic urban enclave.

Attractions: – 

  • Space Needle Architecture: Space Needle was once the tallest building of the Mississippi River for its 605 feet of height architect by John Graham & Company. The tower is designed in a way that it can withstand an Earthquake. It is an immense structure in Seattle. The Space Needle Tower has six floors, 3 lifts lighting rods, and an observation point to explore the most stunning scenery of mountain range, city building, bay, and numbers of the mount.


  • Observation Deck: – At 520 feet above the ground, The Space Needle includes an observation deck for overlooking the downtown Seattle skyline, cascade mountains, bay, and islands. Reach at the top on the viewing deck by elevators to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of natural settings and an unmatched view of city buildings and beyond. Soak up the sunset sights from the best seats of the indoor observation deck.



  • The Loupe: – The Loupe includes the world’s first and only revolving glass floor with innovative signature cocktails and the world of mixology with a taste of the Pacific Northwest which is served at the lounge. Discover more about culinary artistry and twists on the classics on the rotating glass floor. The lounge offer Seattle’s best views from every glass table and bench.


Facts: – 

  1. Space Needle was designed as a historic landmark on April 19, 1999.
  2. Space Needle Tower opened its door to the public on April 21, 1962.


Activities: – Space Needle is the perfect spot for sky-high selfie lovers and a sky-rise deck to lean into spectacular views through glass panels. Explore the world’s first and only rotating glass floor at the Loupe and its tables to watch adorable sights. There is an observation platform on the top of the structure to witness beautiful building scenes from 520 feet above the ground. Visit this centerpiece of movies, shows, and no doubt Seattle’s most iconic architecture. Take a walk around the ground of the base.


What to Expect: – On every New Year’s Eve, the Space Needle celebrates with a musical and fireworks show at midnight. You can enjoy a laser light show, great restaurants, and an observation point for watching outside beauty. You can also see the appearance of Space Needle in films, popular TV shows, and other fiction. Admire the nighttime illumination, downtown views, and lower-level gift shops! Experience the only revolving glass floor of the World with unmatched vistas, cocktails, and classic twists.


Plan your visit: – You can come here all year round with family and friends. It remains open from 9 am to 11 pm every day for the guests. Take a selfie with the city backdrop on the outdoor deck! Enjoy Seattle’s signature landmark which including restaurants, lookouts, bars, elevators, glass benches and a rotating floor at the Loupe.

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