Mattatuck Museum

A cultural heritage institution based in Waterbury, Mattatuck Museum is an American art and history museum, featuring various inclusive exhibitions, special events, educational programming, and unique art collections to explore. The museum showcases the picturesque views of old cities, a mixture of various types of artworks, the evolution of industrialization of Waterbury, decorative art, and clay sculptures. The Mattatuck Museum is home to adventure in Art & History, offering nurturing creativity to encourage everyone to a deeper understanding of cultural heritage. There are plenty of displays of artworks, sculptures, objects, and prints for public viewing through permanent and temporary exhibits. The exhibits tell the historical story of Waterbury, artifacts, and artists to the guests.


Special Art Exhibits

A diverse fine art collection attracts students & art lovers with its historical and culturally based artworks. The museum highlights the collection of local and famous artists around the country and worldwide. The exhibits include a collection of 15000 buttons, featuring amazing sculptures, objects, prints, and photographs to explore. The museum represents hundreds of impressive artifacts and provides tangible evidence of the environment and humankind through paintings.

The Remains of Fortune

A skeleton of a man, from the 18th century, named ‘Larry’ once received national attention in Waterbury. The skeleton that is displayed in the museum and his name was written on its skull. Fortune’s bones were donated to slaves. In honor of Fortune, the Mattatuck Museum created a special exhibit. The skeleton is displayed for public viewing to share his life story with guests.

Historical Collections

The Mattatuck Museum preserves the history of a portion of Connecticut (anciently known as Mattatuck). The historical collection shares dozens of historical stories of the community, organizations, and groups. There are several works by American experts, presenting numerous changes throughout the years, offering sculptures, artifacts, and prints to explore.

Facts: –

  1. The Mattatuck Museum was established in 1877.
  2. In 1877, the Mattatuck Museum was named the Mattatuck HistoricalSociety.
  3. The museum’s focus is on the rare history of the artists and Naugatuck Valley.

Activities: – The Mattatuck Museum is the world-class museum and centerpiece for art lovers, history buffs, and experts or students of the arts. There are plenty of immersive spaces for weddings, meetings, and small occasions. Experience the connection between art and artists through painting at permanent art collections. Explore the detailed history and cultural artworks of Waterbury and its surroundings. The museum offers excellent artifacts, exhibits on mystery, inspiring Connecticut’s culture, and magical galleries. Learn the art and explore new designs of decorative art and sculptures with family and friends.


What to Expect: – In downtown Waterbury, the Mattatuck Museum is chock full of the finest art and history to have a sensational experience that is blown away by wonders and exciting facts. There are many galleries displaying thousands of miniature works of art that are collected around the world. You can see the finest impressions and the visage of wide-eyed excitement through art. Rent a sophisticated arrangement space at the museum for your wedding and events. Learn about art history through transformative experiences and changes in Waterbury.

Plan your Visit: – Mattatuck Museum is one of the popular destinations in Waterbury which opens all year round. You can come here from 11 am to 5 pm on Monday to Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday, and 11 am to 7 pm on Thursday with an admission fee of 415 for adults, $12 for seniors, $10 and $8 for college and school students (5-18), and free for children ages below 5.

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