Pere Marquette Park

In the northern ends of the Lake Michigan waterfront, Pere Marquette Park has an outstanding landscape to explore. The park features a beautiful sandy beach with an incredible expanse of clean sand and 200 walkways for physically challenged visitors throughout the year. The park draws thousands of tourists annually with its picturesque site and panoramic views, including opportunities for kiteboarders, and spectators, and for sports to enjoy. There are several sand volleyball courts, playgrounds, trails, restaurants, picnic tables, and restrooms to rest after playing. Spreads over 27.5 acres of land, Pere Marquette Park is a city park with access to many other locations, such as the lighthouse, a world-war 2 Submarine, and the Muskegon Channel. The park includes rental kite-boards, paddle boards, and jet-ski to have fun on the water.


The Beach

The City’s popular beach park to visit in Michigan! The beach offers a fresh breeze, cool sand, and walking on sand. There are many benches, picnic tables to sit at, and a great stretch to enjoy star gazing at night and sunbathing in the daytime. With a sugar sand stretch, the park has one of the certified clean beaches in the country on Lake Michigan. Watch the water waves, appreciate expert riders, and motivate amateur riders.

Lakeshore Trail

The park is home to walking trails that provide access to every corner of the area. The trails offer walking, biking, bicycling, and jogging on the pathways. There are picnic areas, benches, picnic tables, playgrounds, and comfortable pavilions to allow guests to sit, relax, and enjoy the sights and soothing sounds of the lake. The trails offer outdoor leisure and live entertainment all year long to all ages. Have a dreamy chat with a special one!

Lake Michigan

The Lake is a popular spot for kayaking, paddle boarding, jet-skiing, and surfing on crystal clear water. The lake offers water sports, including swimming and famous kiteboarding that uses the power of a kite and wind to cross the water. There are plenty of opportunities for skateboarding to enjoy. Show your best kiteboarding to the world!


Facts: –

  1. Pere Marquette Park covers 27.5 acres of land in Michigan.
  2. Pere Marquette Park has one of the three certified clean beaches in Michigan.



Activities: – Pere Marquette Park includes endless water sports, playgrounds, volleyball courts, picnic tables, restaurants, and bars to enjoy your favorite drink. There are many opportunities for kayaking, boating, swimming, surfing on water, and walking on the pier to the lighthouse. The park consists of a pure sand beach and beautiful waterfront scenery that makes every photograph an extraordinary moment. Enjoy leisure walks on the trails, which include wildflowers, and outdoor events for recreation along the way. The park provides a picnic area filled with grass, including picnic tables to sit and appreciate the beauty of the waterfront.


What to expect: – Pere Marquette Park has fantastic sunset views and the lighthouse as the backdrop, featuring many outdoor events, trails, playgrounds, and benches for spectators. You can rent paddleboards, kiteboards, boats, and jet-ski to have fun. The park includes a wide sandy beach that stretches more than 2 miles and offers to take a romantic walk or family fun time. You can relax and admire the sunset vista, and expert kiteboarders. You can enjoy kiteboarding and show your talent. Enjoy cultural events and festivals that have award-winning lighting and décor.


Plan your visit: – A gorgeous nature location, the Pere Marquette Park opens daily for picnicking from 5 am to 11 pm with the entire family and friend gang. Watch live shows held in the park. The park always has something for all generations to have a fun time and unforgettable vibes in nature feel. Experience the fresh aroma and listen to the sounds of the tide pools of the lake. Enjoy kiteboarding and challenge your fear!

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