Graceland is a mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, expanded over an area of 13.8-acre. The property was once owned by popular singer and actor Elvis Presley. After his death, his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, inherited Graceland in 1977. Graceland is located about nine miles south of Memphis and less than four miles from the Mississippi border. The destination was opened to the public as a house museum in 1982. Graceland is the most-visited place in the United States and attracts approximately 650,000 visitors annually. The park is the favorite spot of visitors due to the recreational, fun, and adventurous activities in the park.


Graceland Exhibition Center

Graceland’s latest addition is Graceland’s Exhibition Center, a campus that truly has something for everyone. This new destination and facility opened recently and features an ever-rotating lineup of exhibits. This isn’t directly related to Elvis, even people who don’t love Elvis find this destination a place to enjoy Graceland.

Rock n Roll with Graceland Live

Memphis, Tennessee’s famous new music venue is Graceland. Graceland has collaborated with Live Nation to bring live music and comedy together to the Soundstage at Graceland as well as the Guest House Theater. To enjoy the Rock n Roll live shows you must book the VIP seats in advance and tour when you are here at Graceland.

The guest house at Graceland

Graceland has a guest house, where you will feel the exact as a guest. That’s the most amazing secret of Graceland’s resort hotel, The Guest House at Graceland. You will feel like you are staying at the king’s guest house, with lots of interior design work and movie screenings in the theater. Peanut butter and jelly station makes this destination one of the favorite ones for the visitors visiting here.


  • Graceland is the second most favorite attraction of the victors after the White house
  • Only the first floor of the property is open to the public, whereas the Second floor is sealed to the public.


Activities available at Graceland are many such as Rock n Roll at Graceland live, stay facility in Guest house, watching the king’s horses, private Presley, and what not. In addition to this, there are also other fun activities for the entertainment of the children. People can stay for the whole day with ease and enjoy the vibe of the place.

What you Expect

A trip to this place provides full access to be a part of Memphis Entertainment at the fun complex. A self-guided tour of Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee is always memorable due to the facilities and ease given to the visitors.

Plan your Visit

If you are planning a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, book your tickets in advance and reach the destination gate by 7:30 am to avoid the crowd. Here you can experience 120 acres of old things related to life and career. Buy tickets online to the hassle. To get detailed information about the place hire a guide and make it a memorable experience.

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