Salisbury Zoological Park

The Salisbury Zoological Park of Salisbury, located in the US city of Maryland, is popularly known as the Salisbury Zoo. In this zoo with a collection of more than one hundred animals, you get to see many unique faunas like flamingos, wallabies, American crocodiles, Patagonian cavies, North American river otters, red wolves, turtles, etc. Make sure to visit this beautiful and amazing park in Salisbury where you can spend some relaxing and memorable moments of your life.


Wildlife of Zoological Park

Plan a trip to see a hundred different types of animals in this zoo. Inspired to conserve our natural world, this park provides shelter to many unique and endangered animals. Your mind will be filled with wonder after seeing Ubiquiti deer, Bear, Dinosaur baby, Forest tambourine, Lizard, Hansawar, colorful parrot, sheep, etc. in the park.                                                  Oldest spectacled bear in this park

The world’s oldest Andean bear habitat is at the Salisbury Zoo. Born in 1973 at the Baltimore Zoo, this bear named Popsy was placed in the zoo, which grew up to give birth to two cubs. The park is home to hundreds of bears so far from this type of breeding process. The Andean beers of this park are named Chasca and Pinopio which are quite beautiful to look at.

Exhibition of Zoological Park

Spend your good time in the picturesque environment of this zoo. Enjoy the prehistoric fauna exhibit here. Tourists get to see the alpaca exhibit, bear exhibit, sloth exhibit, and jaguar exhibit here in the exhibition which looks quite exciting. The unique fauna of the park includes many creatures like spiders, monkeys, flamingos, and bison.


  1. The Salisbury Zoo in Maryland was established in 1954.
  2. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, admission to this zoo is free.

Activities:-You get to experience a friendly, educational, entertaining, and relaxing atmosphere at this beautiful park in Salisbury. If you are looking for a memorable trip then this place is perfect for you. Plan to watch colorful snakes, tortoises, yellow poison dart frogs, and many more from afar. Exhibits are held in the park providing an educational and enjoyable travel experience for everyone from kids to adults.

What to expect:– Salisbury Park’s large playground, picnic area, and open environment make for a great place to play and relax. A lot of cleanliness is maintained inside the park so that the visitor can visit here comfortably. The watersheds, trees, and landscaping of India look quite attractive. Here you can go far on foot. This park provides a nice and wonderful place for all ages where you can experience a memorable and relaxing, exciting, and wonderful journey.

Plan to the visit:-The zoo is open for visiting guests seven days a week. There is no fee to enter the park but if you would like to donate you can. Make sure to visit here with your kids, family, and friends to see, touch, and love the animals of the zoo from the front. The time to enter the park is from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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