Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Are you searching for a historic site for your next vacation? In Washington state, visit a national historic place of two units, the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, which is located over 207 acres of landscape. Fort Vancouver Historic Site can be described as two units: Fort Vancouver and McLoughlin House which were combined in 2003. The visitor center at Fort Vancouver features exciting exhibits of art, culture, and archaeology from regional to global artists.

The site has buildings of military exhibits, restaurants, and Vancouver Barracks that share the history of military posts to explore. Fort Vancouver covers 191 acres of land on the mouth of the Columbia River that serves as the center of the Hudson Bay Company’s western operations, with beautiful architecture, stunning views of mountain peaks, and natural scenery over the Pacific Ocean. The National Historic Site consists of gift stores, Victorian handcrafts exhibitions, the memorial at McLoughlin House, a museum, snack bar, and charming downtown views of Vancouver.


  • The Fort Vancouver: In just north of Portland, Fort Vancouver in Pacific Northwest is the main platoon of Vancouver city, established in 1824. Fort Vancouver is marvelous architecture featuring modern replicas, art displays, with classy designed interior and exterior. There is Pearson Air Museum on the ground of Fort to explore the history of Fort and Vancouver. Initially, Fort Vancouver was the headquarters for fur trading operations of the HB Company.


  • McLoughlin House: – With 0.6 acres of the stretch of land. The House consists of two homes of McLoughlin House and Barclay House of McLoughlin and Dr. Forbes Barclay near to each other. Both mansions are uniquely styled architecture overlooking the city of Oregon views and river, features a luxury bedroom, majestic furnishings, and memorials of McLoughlin and his wife. The house includes special events, handcrafts demonstrations, and the indoor beauty of the mansion to witness.



  • Pearson Air Museum: – The museum includes a variety of cultural exhibits, military aviation, exciting artifacts, display, and photographs to share historic stories with visitors. Learn about historic objects, the archaeological collection of decorative ceramic items, and the artistry of Fort’s dining sets. The museum offers a venue for events, a Vancouver barrack with army documents, images, and aviation history at rotating exhibits.


Facts: – 

  1. The National Historic Site has 207 acres of the signature landmark in Washington and Oregon City.
  2. The site was established on June 19, 1948, as a national monument.


Activities: – The Fort Vancouver Historic Site is a perfect example of a living history demonstration to experience recreation at cross-country course of running and exploring the rich history of culture, powerful military legacy, and scenic snowy peaks. There are hundreds of artifacts, educational programs to learn about the history of Fort, and virtual field trips at the site. Take leisure time to stop at this lively urban landmark to relax in gardens including shrubs, grassy lawn, and flowers. Celebrate several venues of special events, weddings, and ceremonies at the museum.


What to Expect: – The Fort Vancouver is a magnificent National Historic Site with facilities of a picnic area, museum, exhibits, and visitor center for travelers. You can enjoy panoramic views of the river, scenic sunset views from the Fort, plenty of interactive exhibits of art & culture, and restaurants at the site. You have a chance to learn at Vancouver Barrack, one of the U.S. Military posts, which tells the history of the army. The museum offers immersive photographs, displays, the fort’s history, and artifacts of the site.


Plan Your Visit: – The Fort Vancouver National Historic Site opens 360 days a year for visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Fort is an ideal destination for a picnic with family as well as friends with an entry fee of $3.00 per person and $5.00 per family at this national monument. Take walk around the museum and grounds of the Fort.

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