Hemingway Memorial

Have you ever seen pure beauty? Are you aware of smokey mountains? Inhale the pure beauty with the crisp mountains at none other than Hemingway Memorial, Sun Valley, Idaho. Just after landing, you’ll be amazed at the sound of silence and the echo of the mountains. Sun Valley has historical roots dating to 1936 when it was known for the first time. The granite monument with Hemingway's head of bronze was erected by his family. The memorial has now been taken by a golf course. This monument is located on Trail Creek Road, Northeast of Sun valley loge almost one mile away. There is also a statue honoring Ernest in Sun Valley Lodge, Idaho. Hemingway Memorial came into existence in 1961. Hemingway lived for 35 years and today the Hemingway Memorial is a silent spot to spend the peaceful hours of life reading Hemingway stories and about his tragic life.

Main Attractions

Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley Resort is a famous place that Hemingway edited “For whom the bell tolls”. The best place for family, friends, fun, vacation with lots of amenities and lesser crowd. One must catch the view, exhibit on Hemingway “At home in Idaho”. In Sun Valley resort, you will find something exciting and different to see each season every year when you visit Hemingway Memorial.

Sawtooth Club

The sawtooth club offers a unique blend of both locals and visitors and has American steakhouse classics, pasta, wild games, and fresh seafood. The atmosphere here is pretty comfortable, warm, and yet lively. The sawtooth club is marked as the best valet restaurant, overall in Hemingway near Idaho. The award-winning list of the wine collections is just priceless. The reasonable prices add up as a compliment offering along with other dishes. Many dishes are cooked at the entrees which adds up a different attraction to the place.

Silver Creek Preserve

Silver Creek preserve is a magical place, the story of which comes from people who actually want nature to come into reality. The nature conserve is spread over an area of 479 acres and then called Silver Creek, flagship preserve. After the launch, the landowner decided to add 12,000 acres more to make it one of the best community-based conservation of public benefit. This project also helped in the improvement of channel conditions, hydrologic functions, fish habitat, and floodplain connectivity.

Hemingway fell in love with this place when he made his first trip to this area in 1939. At SUN Valley lodge he stayed at the luxury suite. He visited here and enjoyed duck hunting at this place and later on, he came up with two new ideas A moveable Feats and The Garden of Eden.


  1. The monument was built by the family and friends of Hemingway in 1966.
  2. Hemingway suicide in his home in Ketchum, in 1961.


The memorial is the permanent home of Hemingway’s Grave, covering by shades of trees. Read the tragic story and take photocopied pictures of the funeral of Hemingway. There are stunning mountain views, large shadows over the hills, Starbucks, film festivals, space for a wedding venue, gift shops to buy something special. Enjoy cozy Sawtooth Club, fishing, and haunting at Silver Creek that is one of the favorite spots of Hemingway. Take a scenic walk from the lodge for delicious foods, drinks, and traditional restaurants.

What to Expect

The memorial has a bronze head statue built in honor of Ernest Hemingway. You can sit on the curved stone bench to watch the whirling of stream, visit the grave among pretty natural scenery, read the quotes and history of Hemingway’s life and stay in his room, having his old used typewriter. Soak in the emotional memories of this famous author. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Wood River Valley, golf course, and sleigh ride to the memorial.

Plan your Visit

Hemingway Memorial is a non-profit organization, accessible all year round. It is open 24 hours a day for visitors. Explore the fascination of the monument, the final resting place, and outdoor fun at the memorial. Take a historical hike around this marvelous destination! Great place for wedding ceremonies and special days!

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