Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland is a theme park located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA that primarily appeals to families with kids. Spread over 48 acres of land, the theme of this park is "Kingdom for Kids '. The park has 32 exciting rides to explore along with a tropical-themed interactive water play area called Duke's Lagoon. This park in Lancaster welcomes visitors with dining, conventions, accommodations, and entertainment. Millions of tourists visit this magnificent park every year.


Events of Dutch Wonderland

This Pennsylvania park offers unique events and seasonal shows as the seasons change throughout the years. Check out the water play area in the summer and the dazzling Dutch Winter Wonderland on cooler days. Check out the Happy Haunting Event here and don’t miss out on thousands of twinkling lights during a colorful Christmas-themed event. Join the nightly dance party with the Duke.

Merlin’s Mayhem in Dutch Wonderland

Come and experience a mesmerizing journey full of twists turns and thrills with Merlin Mayhem. Meet Mayhem’s naughty friend “Hathapai” who is a dragon. It is a purple dragon hatched from an egg that Merlin brought. The name of this dragon is Hathapai and it has been taught many different tricks and skills by Merlin which is quite amazing to see. Do come here to see Malin’s magic trick performance.

Natural Areas of this Park

Explore a magical and new world as you journey through Dutch Wonderland. There are many fun things tourists can see and do depending on the season. According to the season, the panoramic view of the park is made on sight. Go walking and cycling on the hiking trails amidst the lush green tall trees. It is a different pleasure to take a walk along the ponds and with flowering plants and birds. Enjoy over 30 custom rides.


  1. The stone relief made by Earl Clark in 1963 is placed at the entrance of the park which looks quite attractive.
  2. The park features a Dutch winter wonderland and happy haunting events that are celebrated for Halloween and Christmas.


Activities:- A visit to this wonderful park in Lancaster is a great experience for the whole family. Where there are shows for adults as well as children, Night of Safety, Merlin the wizard and Sir Bradon, costumed characters Princess Brooke, etc. Watch and participate in the beautiful events, and festivals that take place in the park. It never disappoints the visiting guests. Take a stroll in the serene surroundings and take a ride on your favorite train that caters to all heights. Go on a journey with Mayhem and Merlin and soar on a magical coaster.

What to expect:-Dutch Wonderland is the most thrilling park to have fun with the attractions and rides. There is something here to keep everyone entertained. From a spine-chilling theater to children’s rides for the little ones, you can find plenty of entertainment here. Test your bravery on the Kingdom Coaster in the park and take a ride on the enchanting steam engine. Fly high on Merlin and watch Mayhem’s magical mischief. It is very thrilling to climb the 60 ft high hill and swing while riding the thrilling coaster.

Plan to visit:- Plan a trip to Dutch Wonderland with your family, friends, and kids. Shop for beautiful gifts in the shops and have tons of fun on the coaster. This magical park is open for guests all year round. Tourists can enter here from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM from Monday to Friday and from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Plan your trip to the 10 best theme parks here.

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