Sloan Museum of Discovery

A rebuilt science and history museum, the Sloan Museum of Discovery is a re-imagined science center located in Flint Cultural Center. The museum features hands-on exhibits and interactive galleries of science, history, rare vehicles, and Childhood learning to experience. Consisting of an exhibition hall, the Sloan Museum of Discovery has regional history exhibits and educational events to explore. Opened in July 2022, the discovery museum includes a wide variety of galleries, immersive displays, and lots of expensive experiences with awesome programming. There are several antique cars, various traveling displays, and a kid fun center to enjoy throughout the year. The museum is dedicated to inspiring the next generations of worldwide innovators and enhancing the understanding of art, culture, science, history, and technology, featuring learning galleries and spaceship exhibits to engage guests with science exploration. The museum offers opportunities to create a wonderful science model and boosts the future of automobile innovation.


The Durant Gallery

With a collection of vintage and concept cars, the Museum of Discovery installed several exciting automobiles to explore. The museum offer exhibits of antique and rare designed vehicles collected from all over the country. There are many antique and modern vehicles enriched with style and uniqueness. Find the history and future of cars through an exquisite collection of former vehicles.

Discovery Hall Science Gallery

The museum has science exhibits in the gallery to demonstrate scientific facts, logic, and discoveries to enhance knowledge and creativity of the mind. The gallery features a giant Great Lake water table, a globe, interactive Earth and physical science, and spaceship education through exhibits. Learn about the Earth, space, principles of physics and chemistry, and many delicate facts of science in hands-on exhibits.

The History Gallery

Presenting lots of historical displays, the gallery offers historic inhabitants showcases and many inclusive stories through exhibits. Learn about the dramatic history of the city, historical artifacts, and notable displays of the museum while strolling around in the gallery. Explore the rich history of the Nation and the science models showcased in the museum.


Facts: –

  1. Sloan Museum of Discovery opened on July 16, 2022.
  2. The museum sprawls in 107000 square feet landmark in the Cultural Center Campus in Flint, Michigan.


Activities: – Sloan Museum of Discovery is home to a science gallery that includes multi-story spaceship earth exhibits, earth science exploration, and educational programs to deliver fun, quality learning time and full potential to grow skills and magnify innovation or imagination. The exhibits display historical artifacts, future technology, innovative events, and a learning gallery for kids to prepare for school. There is an extensive collection of infrequent vehicles from the 20th century and special touring exhibits to enjoy.


What to expect: – Sloan Museum of Discovery is a family-friendly and alleviated museum, including lots of exhibitions, events, and gift shops for people to make them a part of the museum and offers a learning journey in history and science. You can engage with physical science exploration and space science. You can have many chances for interactive learning experiences, fun with science, world-class space education, and cultural heritage in the area. Experience the reflection of history and science in the gallery exhibits of unique vehicles and rare science education shared by the museum.


Plan your visit: – The discovery museum is a year-round museum that opens from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday to Wednesday, and 10 am to 8 pm on Thursday, closed on Monday, and noon to 5 pm on Sunday. Explore the historical and educational atmosphere of the museum while strolling around gallery exhibits, gift shops, and concept vehicles. The museum creates galleries with exciting future visions and opens the door for everyone to discover and grow together. Be a part of innovation!

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