Carroll Creek Park

In the heart of historic downtown Frederick, Carroll Creek Park is more than just a beautiful location to view and explore the fascinating natural beauty of the park. The park restores the vitality of the historic city of Frederick, featuring a waterway of the 40-foot wide and 1.3-mile long channel, pedestrian pathways, pedestrian bridges, panoramic views, and fountains to enjoy. The park consists of an amphitheater with a 350-seat, outdoor seating in restaurants, small decorative boats, festive lights at night, and flowers in the canal. Carroll Creek Park draws thousands of tourists throughout the year. The park offers picturesque scenery, walking areas, picnic tables, and benches to sit and watch the smiling people go by. The park features walking paths on both sides of the Creek along with interesting pedestrian bridges, including restaurants, artworks, and greenery along the way.


Water Fountains

 With impressive water fountains, the park features beautiful stonework to watch. The park has plenty of fountains, and a drinking fountain made of the bronze cast under the bridge. There are several fountain shows to enjoy in the evening. The water fountain with colorful lights offers fascinating views to the guests.

Pedestrian Bridges

 Carroll Creek Park has brick bridges which are Frederic’s iconic piece of architecture, functional bridges, and public art, including numerous artworks on the bridge. The bridge has long paths on both sides of the creek, offering a fun walk, impressive artwork, greenery, and lily pads to view.


The Park’s amphitheater is popular for outdoor performances among local and international tourists. The amphitheater offers a seating capacity of 350 guests to enjoy live events and performances. The amphitheater includes a high-quality sound system, a giant screen, lighting, and fireworks to enjoy.

Facts: –

  1. Carroll Creek Park has 8.3 miles of creek and a 350-seat amphitheater in Frederick.
  2. The creek is a 40-foot wide waterway, a tributary of the Monocacy River in Frederick Country, Maryland.

Activities: – Carroll Creek Park is a world-class urban park, featuring pedestrian bridges, sculptures, water fountains, scrolling paths, plants & flowers, and outdoor performances to enjoy. There are plenty of sculptures installed along the pedestrian pathways. Enjoy photography of water lilies and blooming flowers along the way. The park offers picnic areas, benches, walking areas, soothing sounds of water, fresh air, and perfect views of Mother Nature to relax and explore. There are several virtual events and live shows for enjoyment.

What to Expect: – With 8.3 miles of a long stretch of the creek, Carroll Creek Park is a picturesque park where you can enjoy hiking, running, and walking along the canal. You can have a pleasant walk across the pedestrian bridges to enjoy the soothing sound of the creek and see lily flowers. Explore sculptures, artworks, diverse tastes at restaurants, and water fountains installed at the park. Enjoy outdoor recreation, water shows, live entertainment shows, events, and outdoor dining if you are in downtown Frederick!

Plan your visit: – Carroll Creek Park is a year-round destination for visitors to picnic. The creek is an architectural marvel developed with brick footpaths that runs through the city of Frederick. Take a stroll around the waterway on the pedestrian paths to enjoy water features, landscaping, and fountains! Get your favorite meal and enjoy outdoor dining!

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