White Water Amphitheatre

If your ever wish to go to live music concerts then chose White Water Amphitheatre? The City of Kent fulfills your dream at an amazing Amphitheatre located just a few miles away from West Enumclaw, White Water Amphitheatre, encompasses 98 acres of area. White Water Amphitheatre offers a concert venue with 9000 covered seats and a capacity of 16000 east of Auburn, located in Muckleshoot Indian Reservation. The Amphitheatre was operated and maintained by Live Nation which cost over 30 million Dollars. It has a beautiful public area, sitting zone with colorful chairs, huge screen, and musical environment for visitors. The Amphitheatre hosts live music events, live acts, fantastic live performances, featuring large video screens on both sides of the stage. It offers great music festivals for live music lovers. The White Water Amphitheatre looks more fascinating in the night with super cool lighting and music to capture unforgettable memory in Cameras.



  • The Amphitheatre: An Amphitheatre is a significant place where everyone feels happy to see their idols. It has a huge space for enough chairs, a capacity of 16000, a gorgeous stage that includes fireworks, disco lighting, and a perfect audio system to motivate music fans as well as the artists and performers. The Amphitheatre offers the best outdoor venue for concerts, shows, and festivals.


  • Music Festival & Concerts: The Amphitheatre is the hub of outstanding concerts and live music performers in music festivals, featuring huge video screens and high-quality sound for visitors. The Amphitheatre hosts exciting performances, live concerts of famous music bands, and music festivals including The Mayhem Festivals, The Uproar Festivals, Crew Fest, Ozz Fest, and many more to enjoy.


  • White Water Amphitheatre Events: The Amphitheatre includes various amused events of music, art, and culture. There are plentiful events of popular singers of Musical Bands. The Amphitheatre hosts the event of famous solo and groups singers like The Jonas Brothers, King of Leon, The Avett Brothers, and many others performed under metal roof.



  1. White Water Amphitheatre opened on 14th June 2003 in Kent.
  2. The Amphitheatre covers 98 acres of the majestic landscape featuring stunning architecture and musical shows.


Activities: White Water Amphitheatre is an ideal destination for music fans. The venue hosts many events, music festivals of Heart, Iron Maiden, and Crew Fest for melody fans from all over the world. Enjoy dancing and singing with your favorite stars, artists, and idols. Experience ultimate fun with music videos and concerts watching on the large video screens. Explore the beauty of architecture and views of natural scenery. Take a walk around the Amphitheatre offering amazing rock music and well-planned facilities of food and drinks.


What to Expect: The Amphitheatre is popular for its well-designed huge space and music nights. You can enjoy live music and live performance features beautiful arrangements of sitting area, shining stage, and thrilling fireworks for concertgoers. Spend your rocking musical night with live events of famous musicians. Experience a musical night at Amphitheatre to admire the orchestration of musicians. Also, there is plenty of on-site parking area for visitors.


Plan your visit: You can come here all year round for perfect family outings. Be a part of concerts with thousands of other music lovers. Take your leisure time to appreciate the stadium and setting of the stage! Soak in the melodious atmosphere of the Amphitheatre!

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