Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls

Are you searching for an ideal destination full of natural settings for your next trip? Here we go to visit a historic falls park in Olympia, Washington. At the bank of the Deschutes River, the Brewery Park of Tumwater Falls features breathtaking beauty of falls, lush greenery, and a fruitful atmosphere suitalble for all ages.

Tumwater Falls Park was maintained and undertaken by Olympia Tumwater Foundation, a non-profit organization, completed in 1962 along 15 acres area with three waterfalls and Deschutes River. With picnic facilities, well-maintained lawns, restroom, sandy area, and playground the park is perfect for kids and adults to have fun. The area is home to significant rhododendron, flora, and fauna, overlooking eye-catching cascading waterfalls. Tumwater Falls Park offers a fish hatchery, interactive trails, informative signage, native plants, bridges, and industrial buildings which defines the rich history of the area.


  • Tumwater Park Trails: The park has scenic and improved loop trails along cascading waterfalls and river with signs which tells about the history of the park. In spring, the trails are overloaded by native plants, beautiful wildflower blooming, and native flora throughout the paths. Trails provide spectacular views of falls, pools, massive rocks, bridges, and opportunities for hiking, biking, and picnicking in the area.


  • Tumwater Falls: The waterfall of Deschutes River spattered through volcanic bedrock and the rhododendron on both sides of the gorge. As millions of visitors come to see this incredible fall throughout the year. Tumwater Falls has mist-filled color-changing water cascading from the top of the hill and a view of eddies through the gorge of pool and rapids.



  • Brewery Park and Waterway: The Tumwater Falls Park is an interesting industrial heritage with breweries, multiple bridges, and mills to explore. The park has picturesque river tumbles over dams, rapids, and waterfalls. Taste various beverages of local crafts and famous brands at this Brewery Park. The area around the waterway invites visitors for contemplation and admiring man-made structures.



  1. Brewery Park at Tumwater Falls encompasses 15 acres of the area along the waterfall.
  2. The park was owned by the Olympia Tumwater Foundation in 1962.


Activities: Tumwater Falls Park offers perfect outdoor recreation for picnicking and camping with the whole family and friends. The park hosts special events and ceremonies with beautiful decorations of lights and flowers. There are plenty of picnic tables, play equipment, a parking area, majestic rapids, picnic shelters, and waterfalls for fun. Enjoy a dive in misty deep pools over the falls and read the fascinating history of the area. The park includes hiking, cycling, jogging, biking, kayaking, and boating opportunities in the river. The park’s trails offer views of falls and nature that soothes the mind and soul.


What to Expect: Tumwater Falls Park is a hidden gem of Olympia that provides a playground scenic river view and waterfalls. You can find winding trails lined with shrubs and flowers, footbridge, towering trees, and also spotting wildlife along the trails. You can easily access the river, reflective pools, and impressive rock rapids with fresh air and flora in spring. Take a hike on trails, which leads to every corner of the park, to relax in the soothing sound of water and the color-changing scenery of falls.


Plan Your Visit: Tumwater Falls Park is a year-round destination for locals as well as visitors. It opens daily from 8am to 8pm except holidays. Stroll down the hill to see falls, rivers, and flourish of shrubs! Explore winding trails along with towering trees and breathtaking vistas throughout the park. Don’t forget to taste Olympia beer at Brewery Park.

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