Illinois state museum

Break free from your regular monotonous routine to travel, explore, discover, learn and share the memorable experience at Illinois State Museum. This museum is all about the life, land, people, and art of the State of Illinois. One expression that comes to your mind when you browse through the campus is “Artistic”. You will be on your toes with the art, natural history, history, and anthropology of the State of Illinois in The Illinois State Museum. This place is a total Gem. You can visit the museum at 502 S Spring St, Springfield. Rest assured everything here is going to catch your attention and interest.



First Floor

This floor consists of a realistic approach of the people of Illions hidden in its history. Get your thoughts stimulated by how Illinois has drifted around for the past several hundred million years. This segment is proceeded by the wondrous flora and fauna. Imagine walking by the life-size model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures of ancient habitats. Remember, you can touch the fossils as a visitor.


Second Floor

How well do you remember your past? The Illinois state museum is about the evolution of human culture. The generation gap goes back to the Native American settlers. You will be thrilled to see recreational models of the  Late Archaic hunters and gatherers (4,000 years ago), Middle Woodland gardeners (2,000 years ago), Mississippian agriculturists (1,000 years ago), and a Kickapoo settlement (circa 1815). This museum has so much more to offer while focusing mainly on how the home environment has changed. Overall, it is a museum you do not want to miss.


The Learning

The museum and the gallery here offer group and school programs to events, exhibits, and communities. The Illinois state museum covers large amounts of history. This place is full of experiences that will shape you and your thoughts to such a great extent that you will connect profoundly with the past. This museum is a must-visit for everybody, young and old, residents and visitors.


Important Facts

  • Illinois state museum is the host to the donation done by Morton D. Barker. He donated his lifelong collection of 25 pieces in 1976 to the museum.
  • The first museum to tell the story of the life, people, and land of Illinois.



What to Expect

Illinois state museum is open on Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The Research and Collections Center will operate on Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m vai appointment.  You need to dedicate one hour or two to this place. Book your admissions in advance. Grab a finger-licking meal in the nearby cafes and restaurants.



At the Illinois State Museum attends special events for kids throughout the year. It is exciting to know the core foundation or the root of where we come from. Study Natural and American history here to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy places like Dana-Thomas House, Old State Capitol State Historic Site, and Illinois State Capitol. They are all nearby,


Plan your visit


Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the museum is not offering field trips at the time. You will not be allowed to gather at one place because the group limit is 10 (1 adult with every 5 children) as per guidelines. The ticket cost for adults (age 19-64) is $5 for adults. For children, seniors and veterans it is free.

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