Pine Hill Park

Pine Hill Park is a 300-acre public park located in Rutland, Vermont, USA. The park welcomes guests with long trails, walking paths, man-made objects, plants, and rare animal birds. This park full of entertainment and adventure attracts millions of people every year. The best activities in the Central Vermont region in the USA are found here, mainly trail running, mountain biking, hiking, and walking


Natural Areas of Park

 Welcome to this park with beautiful natural scenery, ponds, rare species of animals and birds, many varieties of beautiful flowering plants, and amazing forests. This park never disappoints the visiting guests. Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and stunning views here along the old lumbering streets. Here you go hiking and trails. The 5.8 miles of trails that make up the tough round-the-clock course at the park are truly amazing.

Trails in this park

For fitness, outdoor activities, and adventure, hit the great trails here. There are 16 miles of trails within the park with an excellent trail system for trail running. Imagine walking down this beautiful two-track logging road. Direction is also given here for the trailhead, seeing which you can easily use it. There are also a variety of courses for the trails, which include Middle Georgeti, Sea Backstairs, Evergreen Fall, etc. for 3.5 miles.


Bridge of park

It is exciting to see the 1 centrifuge berm and the Chinese wooden arch bridge in this park with seven unique wooden flowers. Don’t miss a pre-suspension bridge that holds its grip when wet. The amazing bridges here are the Suspension bridge, Armadillo Bridge, Centrifuge Bridge, and Seeping ledge bridge. Apart from this, see Serpentine Bridge and Hourglass Bridge here.


  1. The non-profit organization that is operated by volunteers operates Pine Hill Park.
  2. The park was established in 1921 with a 17-mile single trail system.

Activities:-There are many things to do and see for the whole family at this wonderful park in Rutland. Come to this park and make sure to do a lot of activities. Enjoy everything from hiking to seeing the beautiful natural views of the park. Have tons of fun by hitting the trails. Attend special events and enjoy the celebrations throughout the year. Walk on the unique wooden bridge and take pictures. You won’t find anywhere better for fat tire biking, backcountry Nordic skiing, and mountain biking than in this park.

What to expect:-As a focal point of entertainment, this park provides a lot of entertainment to the guests. You can enjoy snowshoeing and geocaching as well as the Carriage Trail and Radfield Trails. A suitable place to visit for people of all ages including children. Where you can travel beautiful long trails. Admire the beautiful views of the forest while crossing the beautifully engineered bridges. Try a flipside skate in the summer and ice skating in the winter.

Plan to visit:– Make sure to visit this large wooded park with many beautiful sights to visit with your kids, family, and friends. It remains open seven days a week for its guests. To ensure that the tourists do not face any inconvenience, there is a friendly staff and personnel who are of great assistance to you. Parking is free here. The park is open Wednesday through Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Do come here to make your trip memorable.

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