Hendricks Park

More than a mile from the campus of the University of Oregon, visit the oldest city park of Eugene, Hendricks Park, above the hill. Hendricks Park has two beautiful gardens such as Native Plant Garden and the Rhododendron Garden. The park’s area was donated by Thomas Hendricks and local philanthropists Martha, operated by the City of Eugene. The Hendricks Park is more spectacular in spring and fall with great picnic areas, including a historic sheltered set of tables and overflowing with spring wildflowers. The park includes ridgeline trails for hiking, walking, and biking. Hendricks Park offers the magnificent beauty of nature in the most picturesque city of Oregon. It is famous for its wide array of cultural amenities and vibrant outdoor attractions rooted in history. There are many varieties of big trees and wildlife viewing opportunities for visitors. Hendricks Park is a great place for a visit with kids too. With lots of picnic benches, lush greenery, sculptures, gardens, and breathtaking scenery, the park is famous among locals and visitors.


The Rhododendron Garden

With more than 6000 varieties of shrubs, the Rhododendron Garden is an old-growth garden packed with plenty of plants, lots of birds, gorgeous vegetation, and sightseeing opportunities. Cross the Birch Lane to enter the garden for enjoying panoramic views of rhododendron and azaleas that amaze everyone. Sit on the lawn of huge trees and flowering plants to read in a peaceful environment.

The Native Plant Garden

The garden is the gift of nature to the world. The garden features large native trees over hundreds of years old. It is a great place to sit and enjoy lunch under tons of shades of trees. Bring your camera to capture the wonder of surrounding natural settings. Take a relaxing walk around, hike, and camping in the area. Enjoy spotting the native birds in the garden.


Hendricks Park Trails

Hendricks Park is home to the most popular winding trails of Oregon. The trails area ideal mecca for hikers, bikers, campers, and nature lovers, offering wonderful views of the city, clean paths with the refreshing echo of the forest. The network of trails connects every corner of the park and offers the chance to know about the forest ecosystem. There is a maze of trails covering two hillsides in the park.



  1. Hendricks Park covers 78 acres of a stunning landmark in Eugene, Oregon.
  2. The park was established by the City of Eugene, in 1906.

Activities: The Hendricks Park is a classic choice while visiting Eugene. The park provides several trails for easy access, exercising, sitting on benches, and exploring the truly mesmerizing beauty of the area. The park offers lots of loops for strolling through nature. You can enjoy walking among trees, wildflowers, and more than 6000 species of rhododendron in the garden. Learn about the ecosystem, region’s history, and shrubs. Explore trees of gardens, flora-fauna, and growing conservation of plants.


What to Expect: Hendricks Park features multiple hiking trails, water fountains, looped paths, picnic tables, vast grassy meadows, restrooms, and historic shelter for travelers. The park offers mature forest laced with trails for hiking, jogging, and birdwatching. Rise to a loop at the ridge crest forested by gnarly stunted stave oaks and take a Floura Hill Drive to enter the Native Plant Garden to get an excellent workout on the trails.


Plan your Visit: Hendricks Park is all year round destination that has something for everyone. It is open for visitors every day from 9 am to 10 pm. Explore the towering trees, plenty of interconnecting paths lead to all corners of the area and the history of the region while meandering through gardens. Create a nexus around the 12 acres of rhododendron garden!

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