Veterans Memorial Bridge

Seeking to explore architectural jewelry in West Virginia? Here in Weirton, there is a cable-stayed bridge named Veterans Memorial Bridge. The bridge carrying U.S. Route 22 (between the Ohio River, Steubenville, and Weirton) crosses the Ohio River, built-in 1928. Designated by Michael Baker, the bridge has the longest span of 249.5m in West Virginia, which costs $70 million. The Veterans Memorial Bridge has a unique cable-stayed box girder with a horizontal clearance of 800 feet, constructed purposely over the Ohio River. The Veterans Memorial Bridge draws a lot of tourists throughout the year where they enjoy driving and learning about new architectural design ideas.


Veterans Memorial Bridge Structure

The remarkable structure features 12-foot lanes, 6 feet inside shoulders in each direction. The Veterans Memorial Bridge is 431 feet in height. All the cables are connected to one pillar. The bridge is the most photographed bridge in West Virginia. The bridge is made with steel and concrete freeway proposals.

Drive over the bridge

The Veterans Memorial Bridge has the longest span in the state of Virginia and provides a freeway between two cities across the Ohio River. The bridge is popular for its design and the excitement of driving over the bridge. Take a stroll on the side deck of the bridge for fresh air. Have a scenic drive across the bridge. Enjoy a surreal experience on the road bridge.

Panoramic view from the bridge

Get excellent views from the bridge where both sides of the water provide a wonderful feast for the eyes. The bridge is a must-stop for tourists to have some views of good memories, keeping the iconic bridge behind. Take beautiful photographs with impressive sunset views.

Facts: –

  1. The Veterans Memorial Bridge is also known as the New Steubenville Bridge.
  2. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 1, 1990.


Activities: – The Veterans Memorial Bridge is one of the most expensive projects ever in West Virginia started in the state. The marvel of engineering in Virginia offers brilliant views, the excitement of crossing the bridge, and curiosity for students. Explore the awesome bridge structure and the thrilling experience of the magnificent view over the water. Enjoy photography of the bridge, and capture a glimpse of the extensive design. Watch the small boats anchored on the sides of the bridge look beautiful and quaint.

What to Expect: – The Veterans Memorial Bridge, constructed with concrete and steel, is a towering structure with a concrete deck on steel plate girders to see panoramic views of the sunrise. This vital structure has many cables that bear the traffic load. You can take an adventurous drive over the span watching the flow of water below the bridge. Explore the extraordinary design of the bridge with your best photography. You can see spectacular views…something which will be etched in your memory forever.

Plan your visit: – The bridge features a 4-lane freeway bypass of Weirton. The bridge is Weirton’s structural gem and provides fascinating views to watch.  The Veterans Memorial Bridge opens for everyone. If you want to appreciate the architectural design, the bridge is the one! Take snaps, drive over the bridge and feel the heavy wind! Enjoy watching the mesmerising beauty and design of the structure. Closely observe this iconic engineering bridge!

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