Golden Gate Bridge

One of the United States' most iconic structures with an interesting history in San Francisco that just might surprise you is Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate is a suspension bridge connecting San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The Bridge is a span between San Francisco and Marin Headlands. It is 1.7 miles long, spanning across the golden gate, and enters San Francisco Bay. The Golden Gate forms the largest break in the hills of the California Coast Range to enter the Bay there. In summer, Golden Gate Bridge is cooler due to its higher elevation and location near to the ocean. Visiting the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is a unique experience for everyone. The Bridge’s Welcome Center offers historical information and various exhibits. This bridge is considered a symbol of power and progress in the US.


Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge serves access channel for nautical travel to and from San Francisco Bay. It also provides access to San Francisco Bay as well as tankers, fishing boats, cruise ships, including windsurfers, and kiteboards. The Golden Gate Bridge is an engineering marvel that you should never miss visiting. It is the most photographed bridge in the world.

Golden Gate Park

With more than 1000 acres to explore it is a perfect place to visit for locals and tourists alike. There are winding trails, bike routes, some hidden sights, Lily Pond, and Storybook cross to witness. It is home to ten lakes which includes pretty scenery, shady stream, model boat regattas, waterfalls, pedal boat rentals, and intriguing boat ride. Golden Gate Park is home to lakes, gardens, museums, and beautiful hills.

California Academy of Science

California Academy of Science is serving as one of the largest, innovative, and eco-friendly Natural History museums in the world. It provides information about astronomical exploits, dazzling gems, minerals, and other extraordinary plants and animals. The Academy offers visitors hooks and crannies including an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, 3D theater, lecture halls, gardens, gift shops, and restaurants to discover. There are plenty of interesting exhibits, realms of science to investigate about.


  • The Golden Gate Bridge Towers are 746 feet tall.
  • There is an ancient River Canyon sneaking under the bridge.
  • Joseph Strauss was the Lead Engineer for the Golden Gate Bridge.



The Golden Gate Bridge will give you a sensory experience featuring color, light, and sound. The Bridge and San Francisco Bay give you the opportunity for hiking, biking, traveling by boats, fishing, and entering cruise ships. Enjoy picturesque trails and vista points in one of the world’s largest parks in an urban area. There are plenty of activities such as taking part in sports, museums, horseshoe, roller skating, and model yacht sailing.


What to Expect

Golden Gate Bridge is one of the largest spanning bridges filled with history. You can visit one of San Francisco’s greatest treasures, Golden Gate Park, which offers plenty of lakes, gardens, museums, sports, and academies to walk around. Come here and take photographs to take some memories with you.


Plan your Visit

Golden Gate Bridge over blue water and green rolling hills gives the most satisfying views of the sunset and the entire city! The Golden Gate Park is free to visit during the day. It is a unique experience for everyone whether you love to hike, bike, walk, or have an interest in museums and gardens.

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