Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

The United States has witnessed glorious leaders who were the core foundation of principles and values to make the world a better place. The gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln embraces you at the entrance of Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The scene will take you on a nostalgia ride of stories you have heard of his journey. The museum is in Springfield, Illinois in the historic downtown section near many other Lincoln cultural sites. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library was inaugurated on October 14, 2004 and the museum on April 19, 2005.


Pre-Presidency time

The tour starts with a Lincoln childhood home, Indiana. You will be astonished to see Abraham from his childhood days to right before he became one of the most popular and revolutionary men in the world. You will immerse in the dazzling display of art where Lincoln sits and reads by the fireplace in a small room while his family is sleeping. Next, you will browse in the general stores and to his progress as you peek into the office of the young Springwell lawyer. Everything at the museum will stir your emotions as they also consist of scenes that deeply changed Abraham Lincoln as a person. One such moment is when you enter the site where the separation of a black man from his family in the auction is portrayed. Presidential Race on Television: You will be surprised to see the election coverage of the 1860s in the modern-day News style.

The Union Theatre

The film starts from the “Lincoln eyes” where one painter explains the portrait and depth he noticed in his observation of Abraham. The film leads you to scenes that progress rapidly to unforgettable special effects and theatrical beauty of the hardship and the exceptional journey of Abraham Lincoln. The White House Years – It consists of Abraham Lincolns and his family lifestyle in The White House. You will see beautiful attires of his lady to the white house kitchen. In this part of your tour, you will hear background whispers varying from tiny gossips to vicious attacks made on Lincoln. This section also leads you to the room where your emotions will rise to the peak. The moment when his son gets ill and is about to die.

The War Gallery to Ford

Be the spectator of the stunning mixture of scholarship and showmanship at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as it immerses you in Lincoln’s world and time. Get engaged in the last moment of Lincoln’s life at the Ford Theatre where he got assassinated.

Important Facts

  • The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum is the first Experience Museum of its kind.
  • Visitor Experience was designed first by BRC Imagination Arts, under the direction of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.
  • Live stage show created by BRC imagination “The Ghost of the Library” brings out a dazzling display of stage magic.


What to Expect

Tours are offered at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm. One round takes about two to three hours. You can also visit the historical places nearby such as Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Edwards Place Historic Home, and Old State Capitol State Historic Site.


Activities: Visit one of the most successful gift shops in the country at this place. Browse to buy books, T-shirts, props so that you can take home more than just memories from Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.


Plan your visit

Guests should purchase tickets in advance as the Capacity is limited. It is compulsory for the visitors to wear a mask. The library is temporarily closed as per the Covid Guidelines now. Get the tickets for $15/per adult for the privilege of taking this opportunity with a special discount for kids, senior citizens, and military officers. Enjoy the free parking on the corner of Sixth and Madison Streets.

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