Cherry Hill Mall

Are you planning to go to the mall for an outing with family and friends? A place for jolly-good gifts, that everyone has on their wish list with outdoor shopping in New Jersey! Cherry Hill Mall is a favorite community mall that offers good deals from diverse brands to get ready to save money on comfy clothing. In the heart of downtown Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill Mall sits at a precious location that includes sightseeing, award-winning restaurants, boutiques for bridals to make perfect styles and dress combinations, evening entertainment, and creative décor options to explore. The mall offers many boutiques, shops of famous designers and artists, cream shops with different flavored ice creams, and much more. The mall spreads over more than 28 acres of area, designed by Victor Gruen (Architect), and includes something for every type of guest to have incredible unforgettable memories. Originally known as Cherry Hill Shopping Center, the mall opened on October 11, 1961, the first-indoor climate-controlled shopping center of the city. The mall has over 140 stores and a movie theatre to go for movies, and if you do not want to spend much money, you can hang out with friends, watch people walking by, and stroll through epic lighting.


Cherry Hill Mall Stores

 The mall is home to many stores of several things like accessories, jewelry, watches, books, cards, gifts, décor, cell phones and electronics, food, shoes, sports &fitness, games, and women’s or men apparel to explore. There are plenty of luxurious brands all over the world with modern fashion and royal sitting. The mall is the best location in Cherry Hill for kids and adults for entertainment, fun games, and nothing but to stroll around.

The Mall Events

 Cherry Hill Mall is one of the favorite places among residents and international tourists to enjoy events and festivals. Reserve your spot in the event of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and classic music events of famous superstars. The mall offers a taste of event cheers.

Cherry Hill Mall Architecture

 The mall is a unique and modern-style building that includes many rides in an amusement park for children, a games area for the young, movie theatres, women’s or men’s apparel stores, a food court, decoration accessories, and arcade games to enjoy. The shopping center has two floors with opulent interior decor and a magnificent exterior layout, featuring beautifully designed buildings and colorful lighting with classical music playing in the background.


  1. Cherry Hill Mall opened its doors to the public on October 11, 1961.
  2. The mall is managed and owned by PREIT (Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust), developed by The Rouse Company.

Activities: – Cherry Hill Mall is a family-friendly mall that provides an excellent selection of different stores of clothes, shoes, dining choices, holiday gifts, and much more latest trends. There are many local fashion boutiques, background music, arcade games, and an amusement park for kids to enjoy a merry-go-round on horses and other animals. The mall is full of thrill opportunities like amusement rides and movies, offering a sophisticated atmosphere and discovering new games. There are many beauty products, makeup artists, and expensive gift items.

What to expect: – Ready for shopping in Cherry Hill! Cherry Hill Mall is one of the largest shopping centers, where you can find sports items, gifts, food, electronic gadgets, and more. Give yourself time to stroll and explore the large selection of shopping items. There are many choices for accessories for men or women, good meals, and the best deals on various brands to purchase. You can see effortless styles, prints and patterns, and trending fashions.

Plan your visit: – Cherry Hill Mall is open all year round from 10 am to 9 pm on Monday to Saturday and 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday to shop for brand new trends and fashion. Buy some home décors and furnishing for a unique appearance to your home.

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