Roger Williams Park Zoo

The Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, established in 1872, is the third oldest zoo in the country. This park zoo includes more than one hundred and fifty animals from all over the world in natural environments. You will be surprised to see the wonderful collection of an-imals here. It is home to many rare species of animals like big cats, bears, monkeys, hooves, rabbits, hawks, peacocks, squirrels, pigs, raccoons, and rats. This oldest zoo in the USA attracts millions of people every year.


Exhibition of park zoo

You can see many interesting things here as an exhibition. These exhibits mainly include the naturalistic polar bear exhibit and the North American bison exhibit. Enjoy the, a boardwalk through the wetlands area, the lemur exhibit, and the pampas exhibit that links this region with South America. Apart from this, you can also see the sea lion exhibition, African plains, and penguin exhibition here.

Animal of Park Zoo

You get the chance to see many species of very rare and attractive animals in this zoo. As a petting zoo, watch and hand-feed guinea hogs, miniature donkeys, Shetland sheep, mini Nubian goats, rabbits, and different breeds of chicken in the Annie and Alex farmyard. You will be amazed to see ostriches, plains zebras, black-brown cranes, and giant tortoises among the indigenous species of Africa.

Events of Park zoo

Many special programs are always offered here for the tourists. One of these events is Winter Wonder Day where you can see the animals enjoying the outdoor temperatures in the snowy weather in the months of January and February. Have breakfast while watching giant otters in the Rainforest Building. Apart from this, participate in volunteer fairs and zoo careers. This place is best to see and participate in yoga with elephants, children’s programs, and zoo camps.


  1. One of the zoo’s most spectacular exhibits is the Bunny Village which opened in 1949.
  2. Hasbro’s Our Big Backyard opened in 2012 as an interactive play space.

Activities:-This wonderful zoo in Providence offers you a lot of entertainment as well as a serene natural environment and delicious food in the restaurants. Check out the many exciting exhibits here, such as Red River Hogs, Takin, and a new exhibit for King Vultures. Also, the exhibition of North America can be seen here, which includes unique creatures like bighorn sheep, moose, and grizzly bears. There are things to see in every corner of the park, seeing which you can make the journey memorable.

What to use Expect:-This zoo provides an entertaining and exciting sight to people of all ages. Visit each area of the zoo, meet the animals, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Visit and learn about the Shoreward Aviary and Tiger Habitat. Take a closer look at the pets and feed them. Also, spot the Masai giraffe and African bush elephant at Jumbo Junction. Don’t miss the giant otter, dying poison dart frog, black howler monkey, and yellow-tailed cockatiel in the rainforest building here.

Plan to Visit:-Make sure to visit this zoo with many fascinating species of animals and fauna with your family, kids, and friends. It is open to tourists throughout the year. Here you can enter from Thursday to Monday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. It remains closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Admission is $13.95 for children ages 2 to 12, $19.95 for adults, and $16.95 for anyone over 62 and is free for members.

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