Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Torpedo Factory Art Center is an elongation of the former U.S. Naval Torpedo Station, located on the banks of the Potomac River in Old Town. Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria was converted into an art center in the year 1974. The exact location of the destination is at 105 N Union Street close to the eastern end of King Street. From March 2022, the management organized 82 artist studios, 8 galleries, and workshops, with some 165 professionals who work in a variety of media, including painting, ceramics, photography, jewelry, stained glass, fiber, printmaking, and sculpture, and what not. This Art Center is home to a large number of working artist studios in the U.S. Also, the place has become a model for creative artists and other communities.


Galleries in Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Torpedo Factory showcases the work of rising artists in the gallery spaces. The Target Gallery is the center to exhibit contemporary pieces. This gallery hosts eight exhibitions each year focusing on contemporary works. Gallery 311, is the new addition to the series of galleries at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. This gallery represents work created by its members for public visits.

The major galleries located here are Enamelists Gallery, Van Landingham Gallery, The Art League Gallery, Scope Gallery, Site Two and Three Galleries, and many more. All the art galleries are built with a motive to promote the importance of art in human life.

Classes in Torpedo Factory Art Center

Every year more than 10,000 children and adults take art classes at the Torpedo Factory. The Art League School offers a facility of virtual classes related to all the visual arts, starting from drawing to jewelry and fiber art. Classes are conducted by highly qualified professionals. The Art classes are set according to all age groups starting from 5 and older. Cartooning and clay animation are also part of these classes conducted at Torpedo Factory Art Center.

Special Events in Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Torpedo Factory Art Center makes special arrangements in these events for host private events. The unique architecture features industrial exposed pipes, ductwork, and a smokestack that harkens back to the building’s former historical function. In these special events, a welcoming atmosphere is created which is customized for any occasion.


  • Torpedo Factory Art Center is housed a 100-year-old converted munitions plant
  • This world-renowned Torpedo Factory originally began construction building on U.S. Naval Torpedo Station.
  • Torpedo Factory Art Center is part of the City of Alexandria Office of Arts.


When you enter Torpedo Factory Art Center you will get a full collection of day, evening, and weekend art courses along with a wide variety of fine arts. Here you can get a fine collection of artifacts. The department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural activities

What you Expect

This place is a collection of art galleries inside an old torpedo factory. All three floors are designed with masterpieces of art and the history of renowned artists. Here at this destination, our motive is to ignite the spirit of rising creative artists. This place is open to the nation’s largest number of artists from all around the globe.

Plan your Visit

Torpedo Factory Art Center is open to the public on daily basis. Moreover, the management charges no entry fee to its visitors. If you are also interested in art, artists and artifacts, plan a visit to Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, Virginia. All the visitors have an option to wear masks or not.

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