Bennington Battle Monument

The Bennington Battle Monument is a stone obelisk located at 15 Monument Circle in Bennington, Vermont, USA. This 306 feet tall monument commemorates the Battle of Bennington which took place during the American Revolutionary War. This historic site is accessible by elevator from the observatory level, up to 200 feet. The memorial grounds are adorned with sculptures of eminent people which provide quite a scenic view. This captivating Vermont monument attracts millions of people each year.


Events at the Bennington Monument

Several events are organized at the memorial for the visitors every year. Watch the Flag Day event on June 14 here where the God Sunflag and the Betsy Ross-like Bennington Flag are designed. Enjoy the Father’s Day program on 14th June. Take a self-driving tour from the Memorial to the battlefield and complete driving tour information is available at the Memorial’s gift shop.

Gift shop

 One of the main attractions here is the gift shops, which offer a great selection of quality items related to the monument and the Battle of Bennington. You can buy a variety of books, maple products, historical gifts, flags, and more at these stores. You can also buy products made in New England and Vermont here. Make the trip memorable by buying things here during your visit. You will get tickets to enter the memorial at the gift shop itself.


Exhibition of monument

To commemorate the Battle of Bennington, statues, and items dedicated to these battles have been placed on the grounds of the monument as exhibits. Check out the granite statue of Colonel Seth Warner. It is quite exciting to see the bronze bust of General John Stark cast from a plaster model by American sculptor John Rogers. Look for the Granite marker in front of the gift shop that marks the site of the Continental Store House in Bennington.


  1. The foundation stone for the monument to Bennington was laid in 1887 and completed in 1889 at a cost of $112,000.
  2. Built in 1891, this historical monument was made of blue-grey magnesium limestone.

Activities:- The magnificent monument offers every single activity in it as an entertainment focal point for people of all ages alike. By coming here, you can see all the sculptures in the exhibition, from roaming the memorial grounds. Various types of programs and works related to historical things are shown in detail. Visit the gift shops and buy amazing things to make the trip memorable.


What to expect:-Plan to visit this impressive and spectacular monument to Bennington during your visit. There are many historical things to see in this exciting monument. See steam-powered machinery. Take a ride in the elevator inside the memorial as you view battlefield dioramas and interactive wall posters. Walk through the grounds of the memorial and see the statues of many greats like Starc and Warner. Here you will find an accessible parking facility. Also, you can bring your pet dogs with a leash.

Plan to visit:- Make sure to visit this historical monument with your family, kids, and friends, located on the Monument Circle at the top of Monument Avenue. Available 7 days a week to serve the visitors. You can enter here from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is no entry fee for veterans and military personnel and entry is free for children under 6 years of age. There is an admission fee of $2 for ages 6 to 14 and $8 for adults.

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