Riverfront Park

Just north in the downtown Spokane, visit nation’s one of the most scenic urban park in the core of the city, Riverfront Park, encompasses over 100 acres of landscape on an Island. Riverfront Park is an urban context that consists of a Pavillion, Numerica SkyRide, pedal karts, rotary fountains, cafeteria, Looff carousel, and providence playscape to enjoy. The park has multiple sculptures, winding trails, enchanting meadows, and a conservation area within the park that provides river views and an open area

Riverfront Park features the Childhood Express, garbage-eating goat, Amphitheatre, plaque of the World’s Fair on the front area, two power plants, merchandise from local artists, and monumental Clock Tower, Spokane’s most recognizable landmark. It is located along the Spokane River described by various areas such as the South Channel area, the North Bank area, and Havermale Island. The falls and river within the park are used for its hydropower to satisfy the demand for electricity.

Attractions: – 

  • Spokane Falls: The river falls of the area are the main highlight of Riverfront Park to enjoy, often the flow changes with all seasons. The waterfalls attract attention from everyone as a pristine Northwest beauty visible from many places of the park. Bring your camera for the best photography of this spectacular regional treasure and from other viewpoints throughout the area. The waterfalls drew thousands of visitors to the park.


  • The U.S. Pavilion: The Pavilion creates a multi-purpose event space for hosting festivals, concerts, art, and cultural events with lights, shades, and panoramic river views. The Pavilion includes illumination blades to light up the structure for performing light shows along with a color-changing palette of light. With plenty of shades, specific colors light, and a glass-covered Amphitheatre, the Pavilion sits in the middle of the park on Island.



  • Riverfront Spokane Events: The park is full of a broad diversity of special musical events and performances at the pavilion to invite visitors and locals to drop art and culture from all over the world. Riverfront Spokane hosts public and private events, rental event venues, weddings, and massive community events for thousands. There are facilities for programs of fun runs and car shows to improve skills.

Facts: – 

  1. Riverfront Spokane covers 100 acres along the Spokane River featuring the largest urban waterfalls in the country.
  2. Riverfront Park was opened in 1978 and managed by Spokane Parks & Recreation Department.


Activities: – Riverfront Park is the jewel of downtown Spokane, including a collection of amusement rides, Amphitheatre with illumination blades for a dazzling light show to enjoy. There are fish camps, plaques, and opportunities for hiking, biking, sliding, climbing, boating, paddling, and horseback riding in the area. Enjoy kid’s playground, art, and cultural events, walking on trails, and strolling around the grassy meadows. See the magical waterfalls views, weddings, a play sculpture, and ice skating in Numerica Skate Ribbon.


What to expect: – At the south entrance, there is a rotary water fountain featuring sideways spray, nearby the carousel of uniquely designed artwork. You can find magnificent Spokane Falls, rivers, and other finest natural settings of the park. You have a chance to ride on the carousel, spotting wildlife, discover sculptures and walking trails of the park. Explore interactive exhibits, park benches, and a kid’s playground to play. Watch the power plant views at the base of the falls from the SkyRide.


Plan your Visit: Riverfront Spokane opens all year round for visitors to enjoy amusement rides, light shows, and movies at the U.S. Pavilion. The opening hours are 6 am to 12 am. Experience annual carnivals, concerts, and fireworks display at this signature art piece. The park is home to scenic attractions and activities to have fun.

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