Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam in Nevada is located in Black Canyon. This dam is formed on Lake Mead is approximately 30 miles east of Las Vegas. It’s the largest reservoir in the U.S. by volume and second most to Lake Powell on basis of surface area. It has enough capacity and holds an entire average flow of the Colorado River and extends to almost 65 miles from Hoover Dam to Pearce Ferry. The basins are deep and are ecologically distinct from one another. The water within the basin retains the properties of its sources extending from south Virgin to the Muddy Valley. These are the main features of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead.


Mike O’Callaghan

Pat Tillman Memorial bridge Under the management, the team of professionals collectively for the welfare of the visitors. The unique design of roads with appropriate grading, paving, bridges, crossing for wildlife, lightning, traffic management system, and long-span bridge over Colorado River. Hoover Dam Bypass is designed in Nevada approach with the highly efficient crossing of gold strike Canyon. Different separations for Lower Portal Road and Nevada exchange is also the utmost facility.

Historic Railroad Trail

The historic Railroad Tunnel Trail, about 0.3 miles beyond Lake Mead located near Alan Bible Visitor Center. This railroad section is highly disturbed and underwater section. The project has all over three segments in total. Also, they have a mixing plant and a wide variety of machines to prevent the wastage of the concrete. Historic Railroad Trail enters various tunnels and all the tunnels have different sections. Tunnel 1 has eight sections individually. All the tunnels are 25 feet each in diameter. To operate the construction system, there are nine steam locomotives four gas locomotives, and 71 people.

The Winged Figures of the Republic

The winged figure is a Norwegian-born sculptor at the Hoover Dam entrance. These figures are a sentry entrance and a symbol of the strength of a man. The work of this sculptor is named under the name of a Norwegian immigrant who arrived USA in merchant marines. Then later on he became a citizen of USA and joined the army too. And sculptor was created by a great artist after he left his service.


  • Hoover Dam is approximately 30 miles from Las Vegas
  • Hoover Dam could be extended to the United States as it has enough concrete



If you are planning for a hike and trip to Hoover Dam, get in touch with the guide and collect lots and lots of information related to the place. The beautiful views of the Hoover Dam really attract you for its beauty. You’ll get to discover a lot about this place after visiting including the Colorado River and Lake Mead.

What to expect:

Visitors can visit the location to experience the actual depth of the Colorado River. The beauty of deep basins varies from each other in a different manner. The trip to the internal Hoover Dam is pretty cooler and enjoyable.

Plan A Visit:

It costs not much extra to Hoover Dam; you just need to plan for the trip in advance. Also, you a need for this trip who has complete knowledge. Many trip advisors discount the charges of Hoover Dam while booking a trip to Las Vegas. Plan and enjoy your trip.

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