Glen Canyon Recreational Area

Glen Canyon National Recreational Area of West Utah is spread over 1.25 million acres. This region is famous for its geological wonders. This region with a desert ecosystem attracts thousands of tourists from abroad due to its natural environment and spectacular scenery.

Glen Canyon is a National Park system that originated from a National Recreational Area. It is commonly famous as the ‘Park’ because, Glen Canyon is located in a geographical area but, it is also called the ‘Colorado Plateau’. The Glen Canyon National Recreational Area is a national recreational area of the United States national park service that includes mostly desert areas.


  • Wildlife of Glen Canyon: Traveling to Glen Canyon and exploring the wonders of its natural history is exciting in itself. Tourists visiting here can see eagles, bats, condors, etc. The Glen Canyon also offers excellent recreational opportunities such as bird watching and fishing, which is important to animal communities and the desert ecosystem.


  • Powell lake of Glen Canyon: Powell lake, created by the waters of the Colorado River, is located atop the Glen Canyon Dam, which is one of the most famous and fascinating things to do in the Glen Canyon Recreational Area. This lake is considered the ideal lake for water sports, fishing, and photography. Powell Lake has been declared as a ‘Boating Destination’ with picturesque views.



  • Glen Canyon Dam: Glen Canyon Dam is one of the main attractions of Glen Canyon Park. The dam is built by the U.S Bureau of Reclamation, is a 710-foot-high dam that is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the U.S. The capacity of this dam is 27 million acre-feet. Glen Canyon Dam is also known for its natural beauty and recreational activities including house boating and water-skiing. Also, this dam ensures equitable distribution of water in this area.



  1. Glen Canyon National Recreational Area was established on October 27, 1972.
  2. The Glen Canyon Dam was constructed in the 1960s.


Activities: – Glen Canyon rough desert land, plentiful natural scenery, and parks, boating, etc are unique places for entertainment. With extremely hot summers, mild springs, and extreme winters, this region is suitable for deserts. The view at sunset is quite exciting. Various species of colorful fish, beautiful lakes, red Rocky Mountains, and a variety of wildlife captivate the minds of the visitors.


What to expect: – The best time to visit Glen Canyon Park is from September to November. The weather here is quite pleasant during this time because the weather in the Glen Canyon is like the weather in a desert. The temperature here reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit in June and July and 0 degrees in January and December. Important for many descendant communities, this place provides an opportunity for people to connect with the cultural values here. Enjoy the many stunning views as you hike between the many shore canyon and trails found in the Glen Canyon.


Plan to visit: Glen Canyon is open to its visitors seven days a week. Make your holiday special with the scenic beauty and spectacular views here. It is a fun place to enjoy and learn especially with family and kids. Entrance to the park is a $30/7 day pass and free for anyone 15 years and under.



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