Historic Arkansas Riverwalk

Enjoy your next trip to Pueblo on the Riverwalk, it is the amazing hidden gem in the middle of Pueblo. Take a ride on a cruise through the Riverwalk channel and explore the history of the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo. Arkansas Riverwalk is a 32-acre urban waterfront, situated in heart of Pueblo. The beautiful Pueblo Riverwalk offers different locations for weddings, parties, artwork, and more. The Riverwalk features gift shops, parking sites, restaurants, and brochures for visitors to roam around actively. Riverwalk is very picturesque, peaceful, and historical along with nature aspects. Pueblo Riverwalk features the city’s best bars, shopping with art displays, and stunning views of Veterans’ Bridge. Enjoy the festivals and the relaxing walk around the beautiful pathway of Riverwalk. There are many outdoor sculptures to decorate the walkway. These sculptures offer the dramatic beauty of Riverwalk and the feel of the Art Museum.


Pueblo Riverwalk Boat Excursion

Boating is most popular on the river during hot seasons. Boating provides a perfect group outing experience for family and friends. The Riverwalk offers private boats, and cruises to explore the river and know the history of the place including the flood of 1921. There are opportunities for the visitors to ride over the kayak, paddle boats, and canoes.

Pueblo Historic Arkansas Riverwalk Events

The Riverwalk hosts many events throughout the year. In summer, enjoy the famous events of Movie on the River and July 4 celebration with a firework display. There is always something going on at Pueblo Riverwalk for everyone. Come here and explore the history of the Riverwalk while enjoying the annual and seasonal events.


Veterans’ Bridge

Veterans’ Bridge is a memorial bridge on the Historic Pueblo Riverwalk. It is the only monument of the U.S. for recognizing veterans of all military services. This bridge honors the sacrifice of the veterans of America. Don’t forget to pay respect to America’s Veterans while you walk along the bridge.



  1. The river was diverted to Pueblo Reservoir due to the floods of 1921 to prevent future flooding.
  2. Pueblo Riverwalk’s construction was inspired by the San Antonio Riverwalk, Texas.



The Pueblo Riverwalk is a great place to take a stroll and picnic. Take time to walk on Riverwalk to enjoy the visit. Riverwalk offers little gems such as shops, restaurants, breweries, and natural spaces with a waterfall to explore. There are plenty of boats, cruises, private boat rides around the river. Explore the artwork displays and history of the Riverwalk. It offers memorial Veterans’ Bridge to pay respect for Veterans.


What to expect

The Pueblo Riverwalk is a lovely destination for all ages people to visit. You can take an excursion boat for kayaking or paddleboard by joining the Riverwalk. You can also book a booze cruise to explore the river. The Pueblo Riverwalk provides an opportunity to eat, drink, rest, and walk around the walkway. This is a great place to enjoy photography. Also, there are plenty of artworks to explore.


Plan your Visit

Pueblo Riverwalk is open 24/7 for everyone. For events and programs, there are special timings for it; so you may have to consult from the members. Enjoy the pleasant walk, boating, pleasant views, and nice time outdoors at Riverwalk. The walking path is ever-growing and never ceases to bring joy and relaxation!

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