Hale’iwa Beach Park

On the easternmost edge of Hale’iwa town, you will find this great multipurpose beach park destination. Hale’iwa Beach Park is located in the small town of Hale'iwa on Oahu's North Shore. It is fronted by a narrow sand beach which makes it the best place to visit for beachgoers, surfers, kayakers, and boaters who love the beach site. It is also known as Ali’i Beach which is used by paddlers as a training site and by surfers who ride the waves. It’s not a perfect spot for swimmers but people come here for a picnic. The strong waves make this place awesome to teach surfing to beginners. The Park has 12.7 acres of the area along the beachside. There are grassy fields, a sports ground, a beach, and large trees at the park. The Beach Park is also popular for sea turtles and ocean life. There are many restaurants, shops, and opportunities to swim, kayak, and boat. Hale’iwa Beach Park is worth visiting who love the grassy and beachside. There are restrooms, showers, parking facilities for visitors. Enjoy your favorite rental boat ride and scenery at the park.


Hale’iwa Beach

Hale’iwa beach is a popular place for water sports like surfboarding, kayaking, and surfing. Hale’iwa Beach offers favorable conditions for swimming and stand-up paddling. The beach is situated between the road and the oceanfront. Enjoy the walking on the beach way and photography of beautiful sunset at the beach.

Hale’iwa Green Space

Green Space is the large grassed playing fields, large trees to explore. This provides a playground for kids, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, shaded picnic areas, and ample parking. This is a convenient location with restaurants, shops, a pleasant shore, and stunning views to enjoy.


Ocean Water Sports

The Ocean offers several water sports to explore. It provides a great boating experience, swimming, surfing, kayaking, and a lovely sunset. Experience snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and longboard surfing to enjoy the water games. Enjoy the rental boats ride around the ocean.



  1. Hale’iwa Beach Park is a 12.7 acres beachfront area.
  2. Hale’iwa Beach Park was constructed in 1939.



The Beach Park offers numerous water sports, snorkeling, surfing, sunbathing and longboard surfing to enjoy. There is a playground for kids, ball fields, and a grassy area to explore. Hale’iwa Beach Park offers rental long surfboards and boats from several vendors on the beach. The Park has excellent sunset views and a family-friendly environment that attract tourists.


What to Expect

Hale’iwa Beach Park is a perfect location for the picnic. You can experience the beautiful views of waves and scenic vistas here. You might be able to catch glimpses of the sea turtles and ocean life. There are lots of paddleboarders to watch, a swimmable beach, plentiful parking, and a sandy path to enjoying walking. You can also expect rental boat rides all around the ocean.


Plan Your Visit

The Park is open all year round. It remains open daily from 5 am to 10 pm. Find sea glass on the beach and rent a kayak to enjoy your visit. Strong wind and waves can carry you offshore. Deal with sandy beach and grassy area at the end of the park.

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